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Here are some additional book-related links that may be of interest to readers of The Online Books Page.

Book Catalogues and Retailers

Book Reviews and Discussions

There are various book discussion sites on the Web, some run by book sellers, others by book enthusiasts. Lately the most useful way I've found for locating good book discussions is via links from people I follow on social media. There are also social sites specifically for sharing information about the books you own, and connecting with similar book fans. Two of the largest are LibraryThing and GoodReads. If you'd like to find or publicize face-to-face book discussions in your local area, the Reader's Circle website provides a useful listing service. The American Library Association also has resources on book discussion groups.

Research and Reference

This site is hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, which have links to many resources for online research. Some of the resources listed are not accessible by the general public, but many of them (those marked as "unrestricted access") are open to the world.