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New York--March (, 
the first name in Internet publishing of reference, verse 
and classic literature, today unveiled the Internet's 
premier reference web site, offering free, searchable access 
to the world's most complete family of online reference 
works. The site provides web-based access to such world-
class works as the "Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition," 
published by Columbia University Press and "The American 
Heritage Dictionary of the English Language," Third Edition; 
"Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition;" "Simpson's 
Contemporary Quotations;" and "The American Heritage Book of 
English Usage," published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

When combined with the web site's existing reference works, 
including Bartlett's "Familiar Quotations," Strunk's 
"Elements of Style," Fowler's "The King's English," Second 
Edition, Emily Post's "Etiquette," the "Cambridge History of 
English and American Literature" and Fannie Farmer's 
"Cookbook," today's announcement establishes as 
the most comprehensive public web reference site. published 200,000 full-text searchable pages of 
reference, verse and classic literature--all accessible 24 
hours per day, at no charge. also unveiled a complete web site redesign. 
With a new user interface, provides fast and 
accurate access to a vast array of information, including 
material not available anywhere else--in print or on the 
web. Visitors to can access informative 
summaries of each book, as well as concise biographies, 
complete with pictures, of each author featured in the 
online library. Enhanced navigational tools and extensive 
cross-referencing between works make it easy for users to 
locate specific passages and references. Also new is the 
"Bartleby Weekly" feature, providing a weekly update of new 
content additions, and the Bartleby Bookstore, linking e-
commerce to the site by providing a convenient market for 
users to purchase books and related materials.

" makes publishing history today," said Steven 
van Leeuwen, publisher and founder of "As the 
only publisher combining the best of both contemporary and 
classic reference works, we have created the most 
comprehensive public reference library ever published on the 
web--a collection that will grow massively in the coming 

" has designed an impressive web site that 
allows users to easily access, search and categorize an 
extensive collection of classic literature, reference and 
nonfiction material. Every knowledge-seeking person should 
visit this site," said John McCormick of, a 
market research firm that caters primarily to institutional 


Columbia Encyclopedia

With its previous edition described by "Scientific American" 
as "without peer in the English language," and heralded by 
the "New York Times Book Review" as "the standard of 
excellence as a guide to essential facts," the "Columbia 
Encyclopedia" has always been the bar by which other 
reference works are judged. Now, with's 
publication of the new Sixth Edition, it is also the most 
up-to-date encyclopedia available anywhere. With over 50,000 
article entries, 40,000 bibliographic citations, and over 
80,000 cross-reference entries, it is also one of the most 
comprehensive encyclopedias available. All of these articles 
are fully searchable, allowing students and readers of all 
kinds to locate specific information in seconds.

" is an outstanding partner for bringing the 
Columbia Encyclopedia to the Internet," said Clare Wellnitz, 
Director of Subsidiary Rights for Columbia University Press. 
"With 24-hour, free online access to the complete, 
unabridged encyclopedia, delivers an invaluable 
service for any student, researcher or family looking for 
fast and easy access to essential and interesting facts."

OTHER NEW REFERENCE WORKS also released "The American Heritage Dictionary 
of the English Language," Third Edition, filled with over 
350,000 entries and meanings--more than 16,000 of them new. 
Word definitions are further enhanced by over 34,000 
examples of use, more than 500 usage notes and a newly 
revised Appendix of Indo-European roots. Called by "the chosen reference of editors," The American 
Heritage Dictionary "is more than a mere tool of the trade--
it's a luxurious linguistic experience." The Usage Panel, a 
group of over 170 editors, writers and public speakers, 
contributed its opinions on usage to "The American Heritage 

Complementing the "Columbia Encyclopedia" and "American 
Heritage Dictionary" are "Roget's II: The New Thesaurus," 
providing over 35,000 synonyms; "Simpson's Quotations," 
highlighting the great quotations from 1950 to 1988 and 
providing about 10,000 quotations from nearly 4,000 sources; 
and "The American Heritage Book of English Usage," the 
preeminent guide to the proper use of grammar, style, 
diction and word formation, and even e-mail etiquette.

David Jost, Vice President and Director of Electronic 
Reference Publishing of the Trade and Reference Division of 
Houghton Mifflin Company, says "Houghton Mifflin is proud to 
partner with to bring these essential reference 
works online as part of's comprehensive 
reference collection."

Practical Details

The site is live today, at All reference 
materials are available 24-hours/day at no charge.


Headquartered in New York City, began 
publishing on the web in 1994. Now a leading innovator in 
the field of electronic publishing, has been 
widely cited as one of the best reference sites on the web, 
having published among other works, Bartlett's "Familiar 
Quotations," Strunk's "Elements of Style" and six classic 
poetry anthologies, including the "Oxford Book of English 
Verse." Post's "Etiquette," which the company added to its 
site in December 1999, enables readers to jump from over 
1,500 alphabetic subject entries to the most relevant of the 
2,600 paragraphs in the book. Most recently, 
published the "Cambridge History of English and American 
Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes," considered 
a landmark of English and American letters.

Named after the humble character of Melville's classic 
"Bartleby, the Scrivener," provides millions of 
students, educators and the intellectually curious with 
unparalleled access to classics and reference books online. began as a personal research experiment in 1993 
and within one year published its first classic book on the 
web, Whitman's "Leaves of Grass." Since then,'s 
ever-expanding list of renowned classics makes it the 
preeminent electronic publishing enterprise on the web.


Megan Schade,