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The Project Gutenberg Weekly Newsletter 15 Feb 2006
eBooks Readable By Both Humans and Computers Since 1971

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Part 2 of the Project Gutenberg Weekly Newsletter:
    - Obtaining Project Gutenberg eBooks
    - Updates/corrections to previously posted eBooks
    - 56 New U.S. eBooks this week
    - 1 New eBooks at Project Gutenberg of Australia
    - Last, but not least:  insights and other fine stuff
    - Mailing list information

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correcting and re-formatting to current PG standards where practicable).
These re-postings are noted in the "corrections" listings below.  More
information can be found in the file GUTINDEX.ALL mentioned above.

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To report an error in the listings below, please write to
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           [ Here Are The Updated Listings For This Past Week ]

TOTAL COUNT as of today, Wed, 15 Feb 2006: 18256 (incl. 531 Aus.).


=-=-=-=[ CORRECTIONS, REVISIONS AND NEW FORMATS ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

:: During the past week the following ebooks were manually updated and
reposted with the indicated filenames and transferred into the corresponding
new directories:

Herodias, by Gustave Flaubert                                             1291
   [Updated edition of: etext98/hrods10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1291.txt; 1291-h.htm]

Salammbo, by Gustave Flaubert                                             1290
   [Updated edition of: etext98/slmmb10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1290.txt; 1290-h.htm]

First Across the Continent, by Noah Brooks                                1236
   [Updated edition of: etext98/landc10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1236.txt; 1236-h.htm]

The Prince, by Nicolo Machiavelli                                         1232
     The Prince
     Methods Adopted By The Duke Valentino For a Murder
     The Life Of Castruccio Castracani Of Lucca
   [Updated edition of: etext98/tprnc10.txt
   [Translator: W. K. Marriott]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1232.txt; 1232-h.htm]

Babbitt, by Sinclair Lewis                                                1156
   [Updated edition of: etext98/babbt10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1156.txt; 1156-h.htm]

The Danish History, Books I-IX, by Saxo Grammaticus ("Saxo the Learned")  1150
   [Updated edition of: etext97/dnhst10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1150.txt; 1150-h.htm]

Mrs. Warren's Profession, by George Bernard Shaw                          1097
   [Updated edition of: etext97/wrpro10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1097.txt; 1097-h.htm]

The World Set Free, by Herbert George Wells                               1059
   [Updated edition of: etext97/twsfr10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1059.txt; 1059-h.htm]

Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa, by David Livingstone   1039
   [Subtitle: Journeys and Researches in South Africa]
   [Updated edition of: etext97/mtrav10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1039.txt; 1039-h.htm]

The Wrecker, by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne                 1024
   [Updated edition of: etext97/wrckr10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 1024.txt; 1024-h.htm]

:: Please note the following additional changes, corrections, improvements:

-=-=-=-=[  56 NEW U.S. EBOOKS ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The Hundred Best English Poems, by Various                               17768
   [Editor: Adam L. Gowans]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17768.txt; 17768-8.txt; 17768-h.htm; ]

Pee-Wee Harris Adrift, by Percy Keese Fitzhugh                           17767
   [Ill.: H. S. Barbour]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17767.txt; 17767-8.txt; 17767-h.htm; ]

With Wolfe in Canada, by G. A. Henty                                     17766
   [Subtitle: The Winning of a Continent]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17766.txt; 17766-h.htm; ]

Gordon Craig, by Randall Parrish                                         17765
   [Subtitle: Soldier of Fortune]
   [Ill.: Alonzo Kimball]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17765.txt; 17765-8.txt; 17765-h.htm; ]

King Winter, by Anonymous                                                17764
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17764.txt; 17764-h.htm]

The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow, by Anna Katharine Green                  17763
   [Ill.: H. R. Ballinger]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17763.txt; 17763-8.txt; 17763-h.htm; ]

The Burglar's Fate And The Detectives, by Allan Pinkerton                17762
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17762.txt; 17762-8.txt; 17762-h.htm; ]

Six Little Bunkers at Grandpa Ford's, by Laura Lee Hope                  17761
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17761.txt; 17761-h.htm; ]

How to Enjoy Paris in 1842, by F. Herve                                  17760
   [Subtitle: Intended to Serve as a Companion and Monitor, Containing]
   [Historical, Political, Commercial, Artistical, Theatrical]
   [And Statistical Information]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17760.txt; 17760-8.txt; 17760-h.htm]

International Conference ... Fixing a Prime Meridian ..., by Various     17759
   [Title: International Conference Held at Washington for the Purpose of
    Fixing a Prime Meridian and a Universal Day. October, 1884]
   [Subtitle: Protocols of the Proceedings]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17759.txt; 17759-8.txt; 17759-h.htm]

Amours fragiles, by Victor Cherbuliez                                    17758
   [Subtitle: Le roi Appi--Le bel Edwards--Les inconsquences de M. Drommel]
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17758-8.txt; 17758-h.htm]

Ellenore, Volume I, by Sophie Gay                                        17757
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17757-8.txt]

The Submarine Boys and the Middies, by Victor G. Durham                  17756
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17756.txt; 17756-8.tx; 17756-0.txt; 17756-h.htm;]
   [17756-pdf.pdf; 17756-tei.tei]

Scientific American Supplement, No. 717,  September  28, 1889, Various   17755
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17755.txt; 17755-8.txt; 17755-h.htm]

Gustavus Vasa, by W. S. Walker                                           17754
   [Subtitle: And Other Poems]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17754.txt; 17754-8.txt; 17754-0.txt; 17754-h.htm]

On the Antiquity of the Chemical Art, by James Mactear                   17753
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17753.txt; 17753-8.txt; 17753-0.txt; 17753-h.htm]

La deux fois morte, by Jules Lermina                                     17752
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17752-8.txt]

Direct Legislation by the Citizenship, by James W. Sullivan              17751
   [Full title: Direct Legislation by the Citizenship through the Initiative]
   [and Referendum]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17751.txt; 17751-8.txt; 17751-h.htm]

Laugh and Play, by Various                                               17750
   [Subtitle: A Collection of Original stories]
   [Illustrator: E. Stuart Hardy]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17750.txt; 17750-h.htm]

The Mystic Will, by Charles Godfrey Leland                               17749
   [Subtitle: A Method of Developing and Strengthening the Faculties of the]
   [Mind, through the Awakened Will, by a Simple, Scientific Process Possible]
   [to Any Person of Ordinary Intelligence]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17749.txt; 17749-8.txt; 17749-h.htm; ]

The Extermination of the American Bison, by William T. Hornaday          17748
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17748.txt; 17748-8.txt; 17748-h.htm]

La main froide, by Fortun Du Boisgobey                                   17747
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17747-8.txt; 17747-0.txt]

Journal des Goncourt (Troisime srie, premier volume), by Goncourt        17746
   [Subtitle: Mmoires de la vie littraire]
   [Author: Edmond de Goncourt]
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17746-8.txt; 17746-0.txt]

The Courage of Marge O'Doone, by James Oliver Curwood                    17745
   [Illustrator: Lester Ralph]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17745.txt; 17745-8.txt; 17745-h.htm]

The Moving Picture Boys on the War Front, by Victor Appleton             17744
   [Subtitle: Or, The Hunt for the Stolen Army Films]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17744.txt; 17744-8.txt; 17744-h.htm]

Rosemary, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson                       17743
   [Subtitle: A Christmas story]
   [Illustrator: William Hatherell]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17743.txt; 17743-8.txt; 17743-h.htm]

Navajo weavers, by Washington Matthews                                   17742
   [Subtitle: Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the]
   [Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1881-'82,]
   [Government Printing Office, Washington, 1884, pages 371-392.]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17742.txt; 17742-8.txt; 17742-h.htm]

Pieces of Eight, by Richard le Gallienne                                 17741
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17741.txt; 17741-8.txt; 17741-h.htm]

The Chemistry of Hat Manufacturing, by Watson Smith                      17740
   [Subtitle: Lectures Delivered Before the Hat Manufacturers' Association]
   [Editor: Albert Shonk]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17740.txt; 17740-8.txt; 17740-h.htm]

La femme du mort, Tome II (1897), by Alexis Bouvier                      17739
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17739-8.txt; 17739-0.txt]

La femme du mort, Tome I (1897), by Alexis Bouvier                       17738
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17738-8.txt; 17738-0.txt]

The Schemes of the Kaiser, by Juliette Adam                              17737
   [Tr.: J. O. P. Bland]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17737.txt; 17737-8.txt; ]

La Vita Nuova, by Dante Alighieri                                        17736
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17736-8.txt; 17736-h.htm]

Eyes of Youth, by Various                                                17735
   [Subtitle: A Book of Verse by Padraic Colum, Shane Leslie, A.O.]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17735.txt; 17735-8.txt; 17735-h.htm]

Le positivisme anglais, by Hypolite Taine                                17734
   [Subtitle: Etude sur Stuart Mill]
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17734-8.txt; 17734-h.htm]

The Black Douglas, by S. R. Crockett                                     17733
   [Illustrator: Frank Richards]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17733.txt; 17733-8.txt; 17733-h.htm]

Tales Of Hearsay, by Joseph Conrad                                       17732
   [The Warrior's Soul]
   [Prince Roman]
   [The Tale]
   [The Black Mate]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17732.txt; 17732-h.htm]

The Nigger Of The "Narcissus", by Joseph Conrad                          17731
   [Subtitle: A Tale Of The Forecastle]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17731.txt; 17731-8.txt; 17731-h.htm]

A Study Of The Textile Art, by William H. Holmes                         17730
   [Title: A Study Of The Textile Art In Its Relation To The Development
    Of Form And Ornament]
   [Subtitle: Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the
    Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1884-'85, Government Printing
    Office, Washington, 1890, (pages 189-252)]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17730.txt; 17730-8.txt; 17730-h.htm]

Dagboek van mijne reis door het binnenland van Honduras, J. van Drielst  17729
   [Full title: Dagboek van mijne reis door het binnenland van Honduras]
   [naar Guatemala]
   [Subtitle: De Aarde en haar Volken, 1918]
   [Language: Dutch]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17729-8.txt; 17729-h.htm]

The Mirror of Literature, Amusement and Instruction, Vol. 20, No. 577    17728
   [November 24, 1832]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17728.txt; 17728-8.txt; 17728-h.htm]

The School of Recreation (1696 edition), by Robert Howlett               17727
   [Subtitle: Or a Guide to the Most Ingenious Exercises of Hunting,]
   [Riding, Racing, Fireworks, Military Discipline,]
   [The Science of Defence]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17727.txt; 17727-8.txt; 17727-h.htm]

The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 6, by Various                       17726
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17726.txt; 17726-8.txt; 17726-h.htm]

The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 5, by Various                       17725
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17725.txt; 17725-8.txt; 17725-h.htm]

The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 4, by Various                       17724
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17724.txt; 17724-8.txt; 17724-h.htm]

The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 3, by Various                       17723
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17723.txt; 17723-8.txt; 17723-h.htm]

The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 2, by Various                       17722
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17722.txt; 17722-8.txt; 17722-h.htm]

The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 1, by Various                       17721
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17721.txt; 17721-8.txt; 17721-h.htm]

History Of Ancient Civilization, by Charles Seignobos                    17720
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17720.txt; 17720-8.txt; 17720-0.txt; 17720-h.htm]

Henrik Ibsen, by Ina Ten Eyck Firkins                                    17719
   [Subtitle: A Bibliography of Criticism and Biography with an Index to]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17719.txt; 17719-8.txt; 17719-h.htm; ]

Infelice, by Augusta Jane Evans Wilson                                   17718
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17718.txt; 17718-8.txt; ]

Le Ngrier, Vol. IV, by douard Corbire                                 17717
   [Subtitle: Aventures de mer]
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17717-8.txt]

Le Ngrier, Vol. III, by douard Corbire                                17716
   [Subtitle: Aventures de mer]
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17716-8.txt]

Le Ngrier, Vol. II, by douard Corbire                                 17715
   [Subtitle: Aventures de mer]
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17715-8.txt]

Le Ngrier, Vol. I, by douard Corbire                                  17714
   [Subtitle: Aventures de mer]
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17714-8.txt]

Aline et Valcour, tome II, by D.A.F. de SADE                             17707
   [Subtitle: Roman philosophique]
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 17707-8.txt; 17707-h.htm]

-=-=-=-=[ 1 NEW EBOOKS AT PROJECT GUTENBERG OF AUSTRALIA ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Jan 2006 The Green Rust, by Edgar Wallace                  [] 0531A
   [ or .zip]

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