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Re: 3 gathering storms: Webcast copyblock; Net discrimination; Paid ...

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Bowerbird@[redacted] writes:

> david said:
> >  They already hae been disintermediated.
> i say you under-estimate the bond between
> the corporate-boys and their cash-registers.

You can't have one without the other.  The Swiss have a saying "God rules in 
heaven  and money the earth.  Even the Devil dances for gold." I don't think I 
have any illusions about the importance of the bottom line for business 
people,  After all I have been chasing the almighty dollar since I was 14.
Though I must admit with limited success.

I am not a cutting edge or a first adopter.  But when I went into the 
hospital for 18 days eariler this montth I brought my laptop.  I had 1,142 mp3
music files, 500 movies, and 40,000 books.  I hardly watched the TV at all.  

Over the past year I only went to 2 movies and bought no cd's.  Bought 
several hundred books though.  Bought 600 PD DVD's. Of course I am a sample
of one but if I am a trend then the corporate-boys are in big trouble.