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British Library in London: Turning the Page

[Moderator: We've reported on Turning the Pages before, but since
 the last report, there's been some new resources and interfaces added. - JMO]

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June 1, 2007

Turning the Page [Shockwave]

Not everyone has the ability to journey over to the British Library in
London, but anyone with a good Internet connection can journey through the
pages of this august institution's most prized volumes. The Turning the Page
site brings together digitized version of over a dozen sumptuous tomes for
the web-browsing public and curious scholars. Visitors can page through the
first atlas of Europe (compiled by none other than Mercator), view William
Blake's famed notebook, and take in the genius of Mozart's Thematic
Catalogue, complete with musical examples. Additionally, visitors have the
ability to take a look through newly added materials, such as a 15th century
Lisbon Hebrew Bible and an Ethiopian bible from 1700. [KMG]