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[gweekly] Project Gutenberg Weekly Newsletter -- Week #35-2007

 The Project Gutenberg Weekly Newsletter for Wednesday, September 5, 2007
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 * The Mobile Library releases classic and modern literature for cellphones
 * Shakespearean Actors Wanted
 * 500 and Rising - The Al Haines Milestone



I have now included the PG-CA numbers into the overall stats. PG-CA works in 
the same way as PG-EU. They have many books posted to both the main PG 
archives along with their own. Therefore I am only counting the 'Unique' 
posts, those that are posted only to the Canadian site, towards the 'Total' 
number of PG eBooks.


A short while ago I started a poll to see how many PG e-texts people have 
read. If the votes can be trusted then there are currently over 36%, pretty 
spiffy thought I, until I heard the latest from Greg Newby.

If you think reading several hundred PG e-texts is quite something then the 
feat of Al Haines must be even more impressive.

This week Al Haines prepared and submitted his 500th e-book to 
Project Gutenberg!

The Books of the New Testament, by Leighton Pullan                       22459
  [This is the 500th e-book prepared by Al Haines for Project Gutenberg!]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22459.txt; 22459-8.txt; ]
  [Clearance: 20070627150549pullan]

On behalf of Project Gutenberg I would like to send our congratulations 
to Al on this fantastic milestone. I also have a message from Project 
Gutenberg CEO, Greg Newby;

  Al Haine is a highly valued volunteer who does quality work. His 
  contributions to the Project Gutenberg library are a pleasure to read, and 
  I always look forward to Al's next title. His dedication to free online 
  literature is an inspiration.


Along with the thousands of text files that Project Gutenberg has to offer 
there are also many audio recordings. For many people these are great ways 
to get to know the works of different authors.

Recently Michael Hart received a request from Tina Hansen,

"I notice that your site offers a number of audio books, both human 
narrated and computer generated. I am pleased that you are adding more 
books read by voice talent. I wish to suggest that adding a 
human-narrated version of Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream 
would be of value to anyone visiting the site. You do have this done 
with an electronic voice, but I must be honest when I say that doing 
any Shakespeare play with an electronic voice just doesn't sound the 
same as it does when you get a group of competent voices together. The 
electronic voices simply lack the nuances to make these works come 
alive for the reader. Instead, the listener is likely to dose off. 
Thus, I suggest that a call be put out for a version of this text done 
by competent actors. I'm sure that there are plenty of theater groups 
around the country who would be more than happy to take on this 
project. Thanks."

As the son of a Shakespeare professor Michael Hart was in complete agreement.

Therefore Project Gutenberg would like to put out a request for any persons 
or avid Shakespeare theatre groups to step forward and volunteer to make 

If you are unsure on how to go about making these recordings then visit 
the LibriVox ( website. There's lot of information on the website 
to help you get started.


The Mobile Library releases classic and modern literature for cellphones:
German developer QiOO Interactive hosts the 'Mobile Library' - a service that 
brings classic books as well as modern literature to JAVAT-enabled cellphones. 
Most of the newer books are launched in cooperation with Project Gutenberg. 
If people adopt the service there will soon be more mobile books available 
from QiOO/Project Gutenberg. For more information please visit:

To submit a news item please email

To search by title, author, language and subject. ||
If you know the file's name then point your web browser or FTP program to one 
of the master download sites, navigate to the appropriate directory and look 
for the first five characters of the file's name. Note that updated eBooks 
usually go in their original directory (e.g., etext99, etext00, etc.)

Cell-Phone Ready eBooks

There are over 5,000 PG eBooks in Java (.jar) format that can be downloaded 
from the MobileBooks website. There are help pages at the website on how to 
use these eBooks on your phone.

This is a free service for reading and sharing stories on your mobile phone. 
Once downloaded to your phone you'll instantly get access to nearly 20,000 
works from Project Gutenberg.

Project Gutenberg is looking for Volunteers. To learn how you can help 
please visit the 'Volunteers' section at

  Michael Hart, our founder, is looking for people who are willing to 
  translate Project Gutenberg eBooks in and out of; English, French, Spanish, 
  Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and any other languages you might like to include.

If you have a RAM stick or can help with the translations then please contact 
Michael using his email address; hart@[redacted]

 * Shakespearean Actors Wanted
 * Michael Hart wants IBM Memory Key's
 * Reviews/Recommendations for PG e-texts
 * Our Distributed Proof Readers Need...
 * Project Gutenberg Is Seeking Legal Beagles
 * Graphics needed for PG website and publicity materials
 * Turn eBooks into MP3
 * Project Gutenberg Needs DVD Burners

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re-formatted from the Unix file format (LF terminators) to the Windows format 
(CR/LF terminators). This means they now view correctly in Windows Notepad 
along with most other text reading programs.

You can access them by visiting and clicking on the 
'Newsletter Archives' menu item.

==============================[ PROGRESS REPORT ]===============================

Year: 2007
This Completes - Day: #246/364 | Week: #35/52 | Month: #08.00


22,455 [+ 79] Project Gutenberg
 1,554 [+  0] PG Australia
    67 [+  0] PG Europe 'Unique' | 461 [+ 0] Total (See NOTES)
    21 [+  0] PG Canada 'Unique' | 250 [+ 0] Total (See NOTES)
   386 [+  0] PG PrePrints
24,483 [+ 79] GRAND TOTAL

    55 - Reserved/Pending

 5,517 to go to 30,000 eBooks.
   ~82% of the way to 30,000
   ~45% of the way from 20,000 to 30,000

 1,940 [+0] eBooks REposted to the new filing system since 18 May 2004.


2,241 Project Gutenberg
  100 PG Australian
    5 PG Europe 'Unique' | 53 Total (See NOTES)
   21 PG Canada 'Unique' | 40 Total (See NOTES)
    0 PG PrePrints
2,372 TOTAL [2007]

   72 eBooks REposted to the new filing system.

    *  50 new eBooks last week

    * 319 new eBooks in August
    * 208 new eBooks in July
    * 319 new eBooks in June
    * 437 new eBooks in May
    * 303 new eBooks in April
    * 302 new eBooks in March
    * 199 new eBooks in February
    * 260 new eBooks in January

[Our production year begins/ends 1st Wednesday of the year]


Weekly Averages:

  * 68 per week in 2007
  * 80 per week in 2006
  * 58 per week in 2005
  * 78 per week in 2004
  * 79 per week in 2003
  * 47 per week in 2002
  * 24 per week in 2001

Monthly Averages:

  * 294 per month in 2007
  * 346 per month in 2006
  * 251 per month in 2005
  * 338 per month in 2004
  * 348 per month in 2003
  * 203 per month in 2002
  * 104 per month in 2001

Yearly Totals:

  * 4146 new eBooks in 2006
  * 3017 new eBooks in 2005
  * 4058 new eBooks in 2004 
  * 4176 new eBooks in 2003
  * 2432 new eBooks in 2002
  * 1244 new eBooks in 2001

  * 3042 eBooks posted from 1971-2000


To arrive at the Newsletter statistics a manual count was done on all the 
'posted' listings found in the Newsletter Archives. For PG-EU the website 
listing was used. All these statistics were then entered into a spreadsheet.

DP-EU is currently concentrating on U.S. copyright clearable eBooks and 
therefore many of these are posted to both the PG and PG-EU sites, non U.S. 
clearable books posted to PG-EU only. Please note that only the non-clearable 
('Unique') eBooks are counted toward the Totals and not the overall PG-EU total.

DP-CA - Like the European project this has many books posted to both the PG and 
PG-CA sites, non U.S. clearable books posted to PG-CA only. Please note that 
only the non-clearable ('Unique') eBooks are counted toward the Totals and 
not the overall PG-CA total.

Please note that the PrePrint files are just that, PrePrints, and thus may move 
later to other locations, including the main collection or The Project 
Gutenberg Consortia Center.

==============================[ OTHER STATISTICS ]==============================

10,947 [+38] at Distributed Proofreaders.

Distributed Proofreaders started production on October 22, 2000 and has 
over 52,000 volunteers.

For more information about DP please visit:

DP-EU Total matches the PG-EU Grand Total. See Progress Report.

Distributed Proofreaders of Europe started production in December 2003 and has 
over 1,500 volunteers.

For more information about DP-EU please visit:

Over 15 million eBooks have been sent out via snail mail!!!

82,383 eBooks [as of 18-December-2006]

The PGCC is currently updating their servers, once complete their eBook 
collection will be expanded considerably. These updates are expected to be 
completed early 2007.

PGCC Collections include;

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts, Blackmask Online, 
Books@[redacted] Collection, CIA's Electronic Reading Room, 
PGCC Classic Chinese Literature, The Coradella Bookshelf Collection, 
DjVu Collection, eBooks Libres & Gratuits, Himalayan Academy, 
Internet Archive (eMovies), Literal Systems, Logos Group Collection, 
Poets' Collection, Project Gutenberg Collection, 
PSU's Electronic Classics Series, Renascence Editions Collection, 
The Rosetta Project, Swami Center, Dr Widger Library.

27,000 eBooks via The Online Books Page. [as of 01-December-2006]

NOTE: 6,400 of these are from PG.

=====================[ UPDATED LISTINGS FOR THE PAST WEEK ]=====================

To report an error in the following listings, please write to 
and include the word CORRECTION in the subject line.

Please note that the Project Gutenberg Production Team continues the process of 
manually re-posting those eBooks originally posted prior to Nov 2003 to the new 
filenaming and directory system (based on the eBook number). This process 
includes some file maintenance (repairing, correcting and re-formatting to 
current PG standards where practicable).

---------[   0 REPOSTED TO NEW DIRECTORY SYSTEM ]-------------------------------

The following eBooks have been corrected, updated, reposted with the 
indicated filenames and transferred into the corresponding new directories:

None this week.

---------[   0 CHANGES/CORRECTIONS/IMPROVEMENTS ]-------------------------------

None this week.

---------[  79 NEW PG EBOOK(S) ]------------------------------------------------

Documentary History of the Rio Grande Pueblos of New Mexico; I. Bibliogr 22510 
  [Title: Documentary History of the Rio Grande Pueblos of 
          New Mexico; I. Bibliographic Introduction]
  [Author: Adolph Francis Alphonse Bandelier]
  [Subtitle: Papers of the School of American Archaeology, No. 13]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22510.txt; 22510-8.txt; 22510-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20070308054412bandelier]

O poeta Chiado, by Alberto Augusto de Almeida Pimentel                   22509
   [Subtitle: (Novas investigacoes sobre a sua vida e escriptos)]
   [Language: Portuguese]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22509-8.txt; 22509-h.htm]

Nova Castro: tragedia, by Joao Baptista Gomes Junior                     22508
   [Subtitle: quinta edicao, correcta de muitos erros, e augmentada com
              a brilhante scena da coroacao]
   [Language: Portuguese]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22508-8.txt; 22508-h.htm]

Romanzo d'una signorina per bene, by Anna Vertua Gentile                 22507
   [Language: Italian]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22507-8.txt]

Le tre valli della Sicilia, by Gaetano Sangiorgio                        22506
   [Language: Italian]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22506-8.txt]

Riconciliazione, by Tommasina Guidi                                      22505
   [Language: Italian]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22505-8.txt]

Il mistero del poeta, by Antonio Fogazzaro                               22504
   [Language: Italian]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22504-8.txt]

Piccoli eroi, by Cordelia                                                22503
   [Subtitle: Libro per i ragazzi]
   [Language: Italian]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22503-8.txt]

Economisti del cinque e seicento, by Scaruffi et al.                     22502
   [Full author: Gasparo Scaruffi, Antonio Serra, and 
                 Geminiano Montanari]
   [Editor: Augusto Graziani]
   [Language: Italian]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22502-8.txt]

Fino a Dogali, by Alfredo Oriani                                         22501
   [Language: Italian]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22501-8.txt]

Works of William Hogarth: In a Series of Engravings, by John Trusler     22500
   [Subtitle: With Descriptions, and a Comment on Their Moral Tendency]
   [Contributor: John Hogarth
                 John Nichols]
   [Engraver: William Hogarth]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22500.txt; 22500-8.txt; 22500-h.htm]

La crisi, by Marco Praga                                                 22499
   [Language: Italian]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22499-8.txt]

Le commedie - lo astrologo, by Giambattista Della Porta                  22498
   [Language: Italian]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22498-8.txt]

Cab and Caboose, by Kirk Munroe                                          22497 
  [Subtitle: The Story of a Railroad Boy]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22497.txt; 22497-8.txt; 22497-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20060608222348munroe]

The Settlers in Canada, by Frederick Marryat
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22496.txt; 22496-8.txt; 22496-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: gbn0405221613]

The New Pun Book, by Thomas A. Brown and Thomas Joseph Carey             22495 
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22495.txt; 22495-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20051018135527bauthor]

Der Bar, by Anton Tschechow                                              22494
  [Subtitle: Groteske in einem Aufzug]
  [Translator: Luise Flachs-Fokschaneanu]
  [Language: German]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22494-8.txt; 22494-h.htm]

Ein Heiratsantrag, by Anton Tschechow                                    22493
  [Subtitle: Scherz in einem Aufzug]
  [Translator: Luise Flachs-Fokschaneanu]
  [Language: German]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22493-8.txt; 22493-h.htm]

Reise in die Aequinoctial-Gegenden des neuen Continents v. 1-4, Humbolt  22492
  [Subtitle: In deutscher Bearbeitung von Hermann Hauff]
  [Full Author: Alexander v. Humboldt]
  [Translator: Hermann Hauff]
  [Language: German]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22492.txt; 22492-8.txt; 22492-0.txt; 22492-tei.tei;
          22492-h.htm; 22492-pdf.pdf]

Hoe ik een week te Fez doorbracht, by Jean Marlys                        22491
  [Subtitle: De Aarde en haar Volken, 1908]
  [Language: Dutch]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22491-8.txt; 22491-h.htm]

Heroic Epistle to the Right Honourable the Lord Craven (3rd Ed.), Combe  22490
  [Full author: William Combe]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22490.txt; 22490-h.htm]

Power of Mental Imagery, by Warren Hilton                                22489
  [Subtitle: Being the Fifth of a Series of Twelve Volumes on the
              Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and
              Business Efficiency]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22489.txt; 22489-8.txt; 22489-h.htm]

The Mirror of Taste, and Dramatic Censor, by Stephen Cullen Carpenter    22488
  [Subtitle: Volume I, Number 1]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22488.txt; 22488-8.txt; 22488-h.htm]

Journal of a Young Lady of Virginia, 1782, by Lucinda Lee Orr            22487 
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22487.txt; 22487-8.txt; 22487-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20060917093048orr]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 104, February 25, 1893, by Various  22486 
  [Editor: Francis Burnand]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22486.txt; 22486-8.txt; 22486-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20050323112602various]

Devon, Its Moorlands, Streams and Coasts, by Rosalind Northcote          22485 
  [Ill.: Frederick J. Widgery]
  [Full of lovely illustrations]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22485.txt; 22485-8.txt; 22485-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: gbn0312241624]

Gardening Indoors and Under Glass, by F. F. Rockwell                     22484
   [Subtitle: A Practical Guide to the Planting, Care and Propagation
       of House Plants, and to the Construction and Management
       of Hotbed, Coldframe and Small Greenhouse]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22484.txt; 22484-8.txt]

Across Unknown South America, by Arnold Henry Savage Landor              22483
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22483.txt; 22483-8.txt; 22483-h.htm]

Men in the Making, by Ambrose Shepherd                                   22482 
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22482.txt; 22482-8.txt; ]
  [Clearance: 20070819212705shepherd]

Een Reis naar het Land van de Cacao en de Suiker, by Th. Dufau           22481
  [Subtitle: De Aarde en haar Volken, 1908]
  [Language: Dutch]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22481-8.txt; 22481-h.htm]

The Prussian Officer, by D. H. Lawrence                                  22480
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22480.txt; 22480-8.txt; 22480-h.htm]

Psychical Researcher's Tale - The Sceptical Poltergeist, J. D. Beresford 22479
   [Subtitle: From "The New Decameron", Volume III.]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22479.txt; 22479-8.txt; 22479-h.htm]

The Priest's Tale - Pere Etienne, by Robert Keable                       22478
   [Subtitle: From "The New Decameron", Volume III.]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22478.txt; 22478-8.txt; 22478-h.htm]

Wintry Peacock, by D. H. Lawrence                                        22477
   [Subtitle: From "The New Decameron", Volume III.]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22477.txt; 22477-8.txt; 22477-h.htm]

The Tale Of Mr. Peter Brown - Chelsea Justice, by V. Sackville West      22476
   [Subtitle: From "The New Decameron", Volume III.]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22476.txt; 22476-8.txt; 22476-h.htm]

Tortoises, by D. H. Lawrence                                             22475
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22475.txt; 22475-8.txt; 22475-h.htm]

Fringilla: Some Tales In Verse, by Richard Doddridge Blackmore           22474
   [Illustrator: Louis Fairfax-Muckley and James W. R. Linton]
      To My Pen
      Lita Of The Nile
      Kadisha; Or, The First Jealousy
      Mount Arafa
      The Well Of Saint John
      Pausias And Glycera; Or, The First Flower-Painter
      Buscombe; Or, A Michaelmas Goose
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 22474.txt; 22474-8.txt; 22474-h.htm; 22474-page-images]

Onder de wilde stammen op de grenzen van Afghanistan, by T. L. Pennell   22473
  [Subtitle: De Aarde en haar Volken, 1917]
  [Language: Dutch]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22473-8.txt; 22473-h.htm]

The Book of the Damned, by Charles Fort                                  22472
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22472.txt; 22472-8.txt; 22472-h.htm]

Fair Play Settlers of the West Branch Valley, 1769-1784, George D. Wolf  22471
  [Subtitle: A Study of Frontier Ethnography]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22471.txt; 22471-8.txt; 22471-h.htm]

The Bell Tone, by Edmund H.  Leftwich                                    22470
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22470.txt; 22470-h.htm]

A Morte Do Athleta, by Antonio Duarte Gomes Leal                         22469
  [Language: Portuguese]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22469-8.txt]

Cintra, by Mario Beirao                                                  22468
  [Language: Portuguese]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22468-8.txt]

Sand Doom, by William Fitzgerald Jenkins                                 22467
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22467.txt; 22467-h.htm]

The Ultimate Experiment, by Thornton DeKy                                22466
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22466.txt; 22466-h.htm]

Der Weihnachtsabend, by Charles Dickens                                  22465
  [Subtitle: Eine Geistergeschichte]
  [Translator: Julius Seybt]
  [Language: German]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22465-8.txt; 22465-h.htm]

The Last of the Chiefs, by Joseph  Altsheler                             22464
  [Subtitle: A Story of the Great Sioux War]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22464.txt]

Os meus amores, by Trindade Coelho                                       22463
  [Subtitle: Contos e baladas]
  [Language: Portuguese]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22463-8.txt]
  [See also etext #17503]

Slingshot, by Irving W. Lande                                            22462 
  [Ill.:  Emsh]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22462.txt; 22462-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20070213182735lande]

Union and Democracy, by Allen Johnson                                    22461 
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22461.txt; 22461-8.txt; 22461-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20050113174049johnson]

New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 5, August,  22460
  [Title: New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, 
          No. 5, August, 1915]
  [Author: Various]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22460.txt; 22460-8.txt; 22460-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20050106131832various]

The Books of the New Testament, by Leighton Pullan                       22459 
  [This is the 500th e-book prepared by Al Haines for Project Gutenberg!]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22459.txt; 22459-8.txt; ]
  [Clearance: 20070627150549pullan]
The Swedish Revolution Under Gustavus Vasa, by Paul Barron Watson        22458
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22458.txt; 22458-8.txt; 22458-0.txt; 22458-h.htm]

The Verbalist, by Thomas Embly Osmun, (AKA Alfred Ayres                  22457
  [Subtitle: A Manual Devoted to Brief Discussions of the Right and the
       Wrong Use of Words and to Some Other Matters of Interest
       to Those Who Would Speak and Write with Propriety.]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22457-8.txt; 22457-0.txt; 22457-h.htm]

The Aeneid of Virgil, by Virgil                                          22456 
  [Tr.: J. W. Mackail]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22456.txt; 22456-8.txt; 22456-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20050718124055mackail]

Adam Johnstone's Son, by F. Marion Crawford                              22455 
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22455.txt; 22455-8.txt; 22455-h.htm; ]
  [Clearance: 20060610183445crawford]

Audio: Robinson Crusoe in Words of One Syllable by Mary Godolphin        22445
    [Audio reading by Denny Sayers ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22445.txt; 22445-mp3.mp3; 22445-ogg.ogg; 22445-m4b.m4b; 
          22445-spx.spx ]

Audio: Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson              22444
    [Audio reading by Becky Miller ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22444.txt; 22444-mp3.mp3; 22444-ogg.ogg; 22444-m4b.m4b; 
          22444-spx.spx ]

Audio: Selected Poems of John Clare, Volume 1 by John Clare              22443
    [Audio reading by David Barnes ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22443.txt; 22443-mp3.mp3; 22443-ogg.ogg; 22443-m4b.m4b; 
          22443-spx.spx ]

Audio: The Four Million by O. Henry                                      22442
    [Audio reading by Marian Brown ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22442.txt; 22442-mp3.mp3; 22442-ogg.ogg; 22442-m4b.m4b; 
          22442-spx.spx ]

Audio: The Frog Prince and Other Stories by Anonymous                    22441
    [Audio reading by Laurie Anne Walden ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22441.txt; 22441-mp3.mp3; 22441-ogg.ogg; 22441-m4b.m4b; 
          22441-spx.spx ]

Audio: The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry                                  22440
    [Audio reading by Betsie Bush ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22440.txt; 22440-mp3.mp3; 22440-ogg.ogg; 22440-m4b.m4b; 
          22440-spx.spx ]

Audio: The King in Yellow, Part 2 by Robert W. Chambers                  22439
    [Audio reading by Maria Celano, Betsie Bush, Sandra in Wales, 
                      United Kingdom ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22439.txt; 22439-mp3.mp3; 22439-ogg.ogg; 22439-m4b.m4b; 
          22439-spx.spx ]

Audio: The Parenticide Club by Ambrose Bierce                            22438
    [Audio reading by Peter Yearsley ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22438.txt; 22438-mp3.mp3; 22438-ogg.ogg; 22438-m4b.m4b; 
          22438-spx.spx ]

Audio: The Price of Love by Arnold Bennett                               22437
    [Audio reading by Christine Blachford ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22437.txt; 22437-mp3.mp3; 22437-ogg.ogg; 22437-m4b.m4b; 
          22437-spx.spx ]

Audio: The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope                             22436
    [Audio reading by Andy Minter ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22436.txt; 22436-mp3.mp3; 22436-ogg.ogg; 22436-m4b.m4b; 
          22436-spx.spx ]

Audio: The Story of a Stuffed Elephant by Laura Lee Hope                 22435
    [Audio reading by Vlooi ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22435.txt; 22435-mp3.mp3; 22435-ogg.ogg; 22435-m4b.m4b; 
          22435-spx.spx ]

Audio: The Tale of Timothy Turtle by Arthur Scott Bailey                 22434
    [Audio reading by Robin Cotter ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 22434.txt; 22434-mp3.mp3; 22434-ogg.ogg; 22434-m4b.m4b; 
          22434-spx.spx ]

Breaking Away, by Oliver Optic                                           22433
  [Subtitle: or The Fortunes of a Student]
  [Illustrator: Kilburn]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22433.txt; 22433-8.txt; 22433-h.htm]

Parables of the Christ-life, by I. Lilias Trotter                        22432
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22432.txt; 22432-h.htm]

Dave Darrin on Mediterranean Service, by H. Irving Hancock               22431
  [Subtitle: or, With Dan Dalzell on European Duty]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22431.txt; 22431-8.txt; 22431-h.htm]

Evolution in Modern Thought, by Haeckel et al.                           22430
  [Full author: Ernst Haeckel and J. Arthur Thomson and August Weismann]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22430.txt; 22430-8.txt; 22430-0.txt; 22430-h.htm]

L'Illustration, Samedi 8 Aout 1914, 72e Annee, No 3727, by Various       22429
  [Language: French]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22429-8.txt; 22429-h.htm]

Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection, Alfred Russel Wallace  22428
  [Subtitle: A Series of Essays]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22428.txt; 22428-8.txt; 22428-h.htm]

One Thousand and One Initial Letters, by Owen Jones                      22427
  [Illustrator: Owen Jones]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22427.txt; 22427-h.htm]

The Players, by Everett B. Cole                                          22426
  [Illustrator: Solo]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22426.txt; 22426-8.txt; 22426-h.htm]

Stanford Achievement Test, Ed. 1922, by Kelley et al.                    22425
  [Full author: Truman L. Kelley and Giles M. Ruch and Lewis M. Terman]
  [Subtitle: Advanced Examination, Form A, for Grades 4-8]
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22425.txt; 22425-8.txt; 22425-h.htm]

Frank Merriwell Down South, by Burt L. Standish                          22424
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22424.txt; 22424-8.txt; 22424-h.htm]

Poems, by Edward Thomas                                                  22423
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22423.txt]

Tired Church Members, by Anna Warner                                     22422
  [Link: ]
  [Files: 22422.txt]


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Audio: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens                              20673
    [Audio reading by Glen Hallstrom ]
    [Link: ]
  [Files: 20673.txt; 20673-mp3.mp3; 20673-ogg.ogg; 20673-m4b.m4b; 
          20673-spx.spx ]

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