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Re: Book People mailing list to end at the end of the month

Kent S. Larsen II wrote:
> Well John, you haven't explained why.

Well, basically the short answer is that my life is getting busier, I'm
wanting to try some new things, and I don't think I'll be able to do justice
to moderating the mailing list in the time I expect to have left over.  So I'm
retiring this list while it's still reasonably active and popular, so
folks have a chance to consider and discuss where to go next.

(Some folks may note that the list's cover page mentions two moderators.
  Mary effectively bowed out a while ago, though I've continued to consult her
  on some of the trickier moderation issues.  She does continue to maintain
  a blog of her work on A Celebration of Women Writers, which you can read at )

I'm quite happy to have people continue discussions along the same lines
as this mailing list elsewhere.  I'd ask that, to avoid confusion, someone
who wants to continue along the same lines not use the exact same name.  But
if a listmember wants to start a list in a similar spirit to this one, I'm not
averse to them using a variation on the name if they wish.  And I'd also like
listmembers to decide for themselves whether they want to sign up for any
successor forum, rather than simply passing along every subscriber's email
address to someone else without the subscriber's consent.

If you look at the history of various movements in the arts and culture,
you'll find that there were often several different journals and serials
that the movements ran through.  Many of the individual serials were
relatively short-lived.  (For instance, _The Germ_, a key journal of
the Pre-Raphaelite movement, lasted only four issues.)  But the movements
that these serials helped promote continued on and made lasting contributions.
And thanks to online digitization, we're now often able to commemorate the
intervals of time that these serials were parts of.  (I was thinking of
this yesterday as I was constructing the cover page for the 1910-1922
issues of _House and Garden_, an influential design journal that's also
ending its run shortly.)

I'm hoping that we'll also see follow-ons that continue to promote
the values and contributions of the Book People.  They may take many
different forms.  The next project I'm planning will hopefully be a part
of it.  So could one or more lists that pick up where this one left off.
And so could other things, which I leave to my readers' imagination
and energy.