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Mrs. Inchbald

(Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821)

The Constant Couple, or, A Trip to the Jubilee: A Comedy, in Five Acts
Lover's Vows
Nature and Art

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The Beaux-Stratagem: A comedy in five acts
A Bold Stroke for a Husband: A Comedy in Five Acts
The Castle of Andalusia: A Comic Opera, in Three Acts
Cato: A Tragedy, in Five Acts
The Count of Narbonne: A Tragedy, in Five Acts
The Dramatist; Or, Stop Him Who Can! A Comedy, in Five Acts
The Earl of Essex: A Tragedy, in Five Acts
Fontainbleau; a comic opera. In three acts
The Grecian Daughter
The Heiress; a comedy, in five acts
The Inconstant
Inkle and Yarico: An opera, in three acts
Next Door Neighbours: A Comedy; In Three Acts
The Recruiting Officer
A Simple Story
Such Things Are: A Play, in Five Acts
The Surrender of Calais: A Play, in Three Acts
The Widow's Vow: A Farce, in Two Acts

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