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(Page, Thomas Nelson, 1853-1922)

The Burial of the Guns
Gordon Keith
Short Stories for English Courses

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"A Soldier Of The Empire"
"George Washington's" Last Duel: 1891
"Run To Seed": 1891
Bred In The Bone: 1908
A Captured Santa Claus
The Christmas Peace: 1908
The Coast of Bohemia
Elsket and Other Stories
Elsket: 1891
John Marvel, Assistant
The Long Hillside: A Christmas Hare-Hunt In Old Virginia: 1908
Mam' Lyddy's Recognition: 1908
Old Jabe's Marital Experiments: 1908
P'laski's Tunament: 1891
Polly: A Christmas Recollection
Red Rock: A Chronicle of Reconstruction
Santa Claus's Partner
The Sheriffs Bluff: 1908
Social Life in Old Virginia Before the War
The Spectre In The Cart: 1908
Tommy Trot's Visit to Santa Claus
Two Little Confederates
Two Prisoners
Unc' Edinburg: A Plantation Echo

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