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Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

(Teixeira de Mattos, Alexander, 1865-1921)

The Blonde Lady: Being a Record of the Duel of Wits between Arsene Lupin and the English Detective
The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Five Acts
Bramble-Bees and Others
The Confessions of Arsene Lupin
The Frontier
The Hollow Needle: Further Adventures of Arsene Lupin
The Hollow Needle: Further Adventures of Arsene Lupin (audio reading)
The Life of the Fly, With Which Are Interspersed Some Chapters of Autobiography
The Life of the Spider
The Mason-Bees
More Hunting Wasps
The Path of Life
The Secret of Sarek
The Teeth of the Tiger: An Adventure Story
The Three Eyes
The Tremendous Event
The Unknown Guest
The Wonders of Instinct: Chapters in the Psychology of Insects

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The Betrothal: A Sequel to the Blue Bird; A Fairy Play in Five Acts and Eleven Scenes
The Blue Bird for Children: The Wonderful Adventures of Tyltyl and Mytyl in Search of Happiness
The Choice of Life
Dr. Adriaan
Ecstasy, A Study of Happiness: A Novel
The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles
The Hidden Force: A Story of Modern Java
The Inevitable
Insect Adventures
The Later Life
The Law Inevitable
Majesty: A Novel
My Little Boy
The Old Willow Tree, and Other Stories
Our Friend the Dog
The Pond
The Recollections of Alexis de Tocqueville
Small Souls
Their Majesties as I Knew Them: Personal Reminiscences of the Kings and Queens of Europe
The Tour: A Story of Ancient Egypt
The Twilight of the Souls
The Wrack of the Storm

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