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In Progress -- Requests

Below is a list of books that readers have told me are partly online or requested. Please let us know of any additional books we should list below, or of any books on these list that are now complete online. In some cases, we have listed the email addresses of those who are working on or requested the books. If you'd like to write to them, replace the term (at) in the addresses below with an @ sign.

Items will disappear from this list when they are completed and open to the public (in which case they will most likely appear in the indexes of The Online Books Page.) They may also disappear if enough time goes by without any indication of progress, or the person who expressed interest in the work drops it or becomes unreachable.

Works in Progress

These are works that are partly online, but not yet complete enough for a regular catalog listing. Where more information is known about the progress of the work, I have noted it. To query about status, or to work on the book, write to the designated contact person.

Given that it is now possible to post a volume in page image form at least with only a few hours of work, we are in the process of phasing out the listings in this section that don't have at least one volume or issue's worth of online material, either replacing them with a listing of a complete title or moving them down into the requests section. (If we're not adding the title to our main catalog, we'll write the contact person before we eliminate the listing here.)

We used to list books not yet posted anywhere. We no longer do this here, but David Price has a Project Gutenberg in-progress list that shows what's being prepared for that project. (It doesn't say who is working on a particular text, but you may be able to write to David or to Gutenberg to find out.)

Suggested books

These are books that people have asked for, and could be put online, but I don't know if anyone is currently working on them. To my knowledge, they are all either in the public domain in at least some edition (and some have already been copyright cleared by Gutenberg), or okayed by the copyright holder. In some cases, the name of the person suggesting the work is included. You can check with that person to see if it's being worked on, or if they know of any resources that might be helpful.

If you have access to one of these books, and would like to put it online, see this page to learn how to do it. And if you know of an online copy of any of these titles, please let us know.

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