Read Banned Books: Reading books featured on this site

You should be able to read any of the books you find on Read Banned Books, by one means or another.

Read more about the books

If you'd like to learn more about the book first, follow the Read about it links on the book's information page. Those links might go to one or more of these websites:

Read the books online

Some of the books we feature can be read for free online. Follow the Read it online link, if one is available, to go to a catalog record for the book on The Online Books Page (which is also the host of this exhibit). The catalog record will include one or more links to free online editions you can read on your computer or Internet-connected device. (Sometimes you'll be offered a choice between different editions or websites for the book.) You may also find additional links you can follow for more books by the same author(s) or on similar subjects, or for other books or Wikipedia articles that discuss the book in question.

We only include "Read it online" links when we know of editions that are freely readable online with permission of the rightsholder, or that are in the public domain. Many recent books are not available in this manner, but can be borrowed from a library or bought from a bookseller.

Get books from a library

Your local library may offer many of these books. If they don't, you might be able to get it from another library, or ask your library to order it for you. (They might be able to get it from another library via inter-library loan. In some cases, they might also decide to get a copy for their own collection.) Follow the Borrow it from links to find a convenient library copy. The links offered there may include:

Buy books from a bookseller

You can also buy most of the featured books. If you buy a print copy, it's yours forever, and you can pass it along to someone else or otherwise dispose of it as you wish. You can also often pay for instant access to an ebook edition, though it might not be as long-lived or as transferable as a print book. Follow the Buy it from links to search for the featured books in the catalogs of these vendors:

Privacy notes: Some websites linked here may include trackers that save information about users and the books they search for or acquire, or that send that information along to third parties like Google and Facebook. Many online shops do this, but so do some library websites and catalogs, including reportedly If this concerns you, ask your local librarian for advice on how to protect your privacy online, and on vetting the policies of sites you visit. Some programs used to read or acquire ebooks also record detailed information about reader behavior.

Most libraries should delete records of what users have borrowed which books after the books are returned, but not all libraries do.

The Online Books Page has no third party trackers, and its only logs of user activity are standard Apache HTTP server logs that get deleted periodically. Book cover images in this exhibit are delivered from our own server, and not from any external site. Sites with free online copies that we link to may follow a variety of data collection and privacy practices, but we identify the sites with online books that we link to, so you can see who they are before you follow the links.

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