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Book cover showing an anthropomorphic mouse in a blue coat with his arm around a smaller anthropopmorphic mouse in a brown sweatshirt.  Behing them is a Nazi swastika with an angular cat face in the middle. The title 'THE COMPLETE MAUS' appears in the upper cover, with 'MAUS' appearing in red crude paintbrush-like strokes. The author's name 'art spiegelman' appears in script near th4e bottom of the cover.  A small red circle near the lower left corner contains the text 'WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE'.
Cover of the 1996 Pantheon Complete edition. (Source: Publisher website)
Author:Art Spiegelman
First published:1986 (first book volume; magazine serialization began in 1980)

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This memoir in graphic-novel form tells how the author's parents survived the Holocaust, and the ways in which their ordeals scarred them and their families in the decades that followed. The characters are depicted as anthropomorphic animals, with Jews drawn as mice and Nazis drawn as cats. First serialized in Raw magazine, and then published in two book volumes in 1986 and 1992, this work won the author a Pulitzer Special Citation in 1992.

Categories: holocaust | recent-censorship

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