Read Banned Books: The 1619 Project

Cover in varying shades of blue, suggesting a cloudy sky over water.  Center of the cover has 'The 1619 Project' in large type. 'A NEW ORIGIN STORY' appears in smaller type above it.  Text near the bottom of the page, also in smaller type, reads 'Created by NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES' / Winner of the Pulitzer Prize' / '& THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE'.
Cover of 2021 Penguin Random House expanded edition. (Source: Publisher website)
Title:The 1619 Project
Editor:Nikole Hannah-Jones
First published:2019 (New York Times Magazine edition; expanded hardcover release 2021)

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Initially published as a special issue of the New York Times Magazine, The 1619 Project argues that the enslavement of Blacks and its consequences are central to understanding the development of American history from early colonial days to the present. The editor of the Project won a Pulitzer Prize for her introductory essay.

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