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Re: Three quick links on digitizations and their constraints

On Mon, 22 Oct 2007, John Mark Ockerbloom wrote:


The NY Times article not only appeared on the front page,
but "above the fold" making it one of the top news stories.

> Some quick bits from the news and blogs:
> In the New York Times today: "Libraries Shun Deals to Place 
> Books on Web", talking about libraries that sign up with the 
> Open Content Alliance to scan books, rather than making deals 
> that subsidize the digitization cost but put restrictions on 
> the distribution of the digitized files:
> I'm told this went on the front page of the print edition.  (I 
> saw it online.)

2.  Project Gutenberg has volunteered to keep as much of the
IMSLM Project online as is legally possible, including a few
of the items that were demanded to be withdrawn, as well as,
when legal, to provide a backup of the entire site, for when
the legalities have finally been worked out.

> Several news outlets report the shutdown of the International 
> Music Score Library Project, a Canadian site run by a college 
> student, after a European music publisher demanded it stop 
> serving music scores to the world that were still under 
> copyright in Europe, even if they were no longer copyrighted in 
> Canada.  Canadian lawyer and copyright-policy advocate Michael 
> Geist has a blog article on it here:
> The maintainer of IMSLP is now saying he is strongly 
> encouraging "any organization willing to support a continuation 
> of IMSLP". See his site for more details.



Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg