The Choir Herald

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Title:The Choir Herald
First issue:January 1893 (v. 1 no. 1)
First renewed issue:February 1924 (v. 27 no. 5), © January 14, 1924; see 1951 January-June
First renewed contribution in:May 1927; see 1954 July-December

Renewed issues

This includes all active renewals through 1924. It might not show all renewals past that date.

Additional notes

This periodical includes sheet music that might have renewals under Music, rather than under Contributions to Periodicals. We have not systematically surveyed Music copyright renewals.

Renewals under The Choir Herald heading in the 1951 July-December CCE periodicals renewals volume for issues in volumes 30 and 31 are actually for issues of The Choir Leader.

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