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F. Anstey

(Anstey, F., 1856-1934)

Baboo Jabberjee, B.A.
A Bayard from Bengal
The Black Poodle, and Other Tales
The Brass Bottle
The Brass Bottle: A Farcical Fantastic Play, in Four Acts
The Giant's Robe
In Brief Authority
Mr. Punch's Pocket Ibsen: A Collection of Some of the Master's Best-Known Dramas Condensed, Revised, and Slightly Rearranged for the Benefit of the Earnest Student
Puppets at Large: Scenes and Subjects From Mr. Punch's Show
Stories by English Authors: London
The Talking Horse, and Other Tales
The Tinted Venus: A Farcical Romance
Vice Versâ: or, A Lesson to Fathers
Voces Populi (second series)

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Love Among the Lions: A Matrimonial Experience
Lyre and Lancet: A Story in Scenes
Mr Punch's Model Music Hall Songs and Dramas: Collected, Improved and Re-arranged from Punch
Musta villakoira, ja muita jutelmia
Tourmalin's Time Cheques
The Travelling Companions: A Story in Scenes

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