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Berthold Auerbach

(Auerbach, Berthold, 1812-1882)

Avojalka (in Finnish)
Black Forest Village Stories
Christian Gellert's Last Christmas
Edelweiss: A Story
Joseph in the Snow, and the Clockmaker (Volume I: Joseph in the Snow)
Joseph in the Snow, and the Clockmaker (Volume II: The Clockmaker, first part)
Joseph in the Snow, and the Clockmaker (Volume III: The Clockmaker, continued)
Juoseppi Lumessa: eli Onnettomuus Vaihtelehtaa Onneksi (in Finnish)
On the Heights: A Novel
Stories By Foreign Authors: German (second volume)
Sysmäläinen: Kyläinen Tarina (in Finnish)
Villa Eden: The Country-House on the Rhine
Vilun-ihana (in Finnish)
Waldfried: A Novel
The World's Greatest Books (Volume I: Fiction, About - Boccaccio)

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The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Volume 08: Masterpieces of German Literature Translated into English
Novelleja ja Kertomuksia II
The little Barefoot : $b A tale

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