Project Gutenberg Titles by

B. M. Bower

(Bower, B. M., 1871-1940)

The Adam Chaser
Cabin Fever
Casey Ryan
Chip, of the Flying U
Flying U Ranch
The Flying U's Last Stand
The Ghost of One Man Coulee (from The Popular Magazine, 1913)
Good Indian
The Gringos: A Story of the Old California Days in 1849
The Happy Family
Her Prairie Knight
The Heritage of the Sioux
Jean of the Lazy A
Lonesome Land
The Lonesome Trail, and Other Stories
The Long Shadow
The Lookout Man
The Lure of the Dim Trails
Meadowlark Basin
Object, Matrimony (from The Popular Magazine, 1907)
The Parowan Bonanza
The Phantom Herd
The Quirt
The Ranch at the Wolverine
The Range Dwellers
Rim o' the World
Rowdy of the "Cross L"
Sawtooth Ranch
Starr, of the Desert
The Thunder Bird
The Trail of the White Mule
The Uphill Climb
Where Stillwater Runs Deep (from The Popular Magazine, 1926)
You Ask Anybody (from The Popular Magazine, 1920)

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The Ghost in the Red Shirt
Godsend to a Lady
The eagle's wing: A story of the Colorado
The voice at Johnnywater

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