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Cyrus Townsend Brady

(Brady, Cyrus Townsend, 1861-1920)

And Thus He Came: A Christmas Fantasy
The Eagle of the Empire: A Story of Waterloo
For Love of Country: A Story of Land and Sea in the Days of the Revolution
A Little Book for Christmas
A Little Traitor to the South: A War Time Comedy With a Tragic Interlude
South American Fights and Fighters, and Other Tales of Adventure

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By the World Forgot: A Double Romance of the East and West
The Chalice Of Courage: A Romance of Colorado
Commodore Paul Jones
The Grip of Honor: A Story of Paul Jones and the American Revolution
Indian Fights and Fighters: The Soldier and the Sioux
Sea Stories
Secret Service: Being the Happenings of a Night in Richmond in the Spring of 1865
Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer: A Romance of the Spanish Main
Woven with the Ship: A Novel of 1865: Together with certain other veracious tales of various sorts
The island of the stairs

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