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F. S. Brereton

(Brereton, F. S. (Frederick Sadleir), 1872-1957)

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A Boy of the Dominion: A Tale of Canadian Immigration
A Gallant Grenadier: A Tale of the Crimean War
The Great Airship: A Tale of Adventure.
The Hero of Panama: A Tale of the Great Canal
How Canada Was Won: A Tale of Wolfe and Quebec
In the grip of the Mullah: A tale of adventure in Somaliland
Indian and Scout: A Tale of the Gold Rush to California
Jones of the 64th: A Tale of the Battles of Assaye and Laswaree
King of Ranleigh: A School Story
On the Road to Bagdad: A Story of Townshend's Gallant Advance on the Tigris
Roger the Bold: A Tale of the Conquest of Mexico
Roughriders of the Pampas: A Tale of Ranch Life in South America
Under Foch's Command: A Tale of the Americans in France
Under the Chinese Dragon: A Tale of Mongolia
Under the Star-Spangled Banner: A Tale of the Spanish-American War
With Joffre at Verdun: A Story of the Western Front
With Rifle and Bayonet: A Story of the Boer War
With Wellington in Spain: A Story of the Peninsula
With Wolseley to Kumasi: A Tale of the First Ashanti War
With the Dyaks of Borneo: A Tale of the Head Hunters

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