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Gordon Browne

(Browne, Gordon, 1858-1932)

Bunyip Land: A Story of Adventure in New Guinea
Devon Boys
Facing Death, or, The Hero of the Vaughan Pit: A Tale of the Coal Mines
Great-Uncle Hoot-Toot
The Log of the Flying Fish: A Story of Aerial and Submarine Peril and Adventure
Miss Cayley's Adventures
Prince Prigio (1889 J. W. Arrowsmith edition)
Prince Prigio (from "My Own Fairy Book")
Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia: Being the Adventures of Prince Prigio's Son
Sintram and His Companions
St. George for England: A Tale of Cressy and Poitiers (American edition)
Syd Belton, the Boy Who Would Not Go to Sea

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Down the Snow Stairs; Or, From Good-Night to Good-Morning
A Fluttered Dovecote
How the Garden Grew
In Quest of Gold; Or, Under the Whanga Falls
In the Land of the Great Snow Bear: A Tale of Love and Heroism
Jim Mortimer
Master Rockafellar's Voyage
National Rhymes of the Nursery
Pam and the Countess
The Shakespeare Story-Book
Snap-Dragons; Old Father Christmas
The Story of Antony Grace
The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion with Those of General Napoleon Smith: An Improving History for Old Boys, Young Boys, Good Boys, Bad Boys, Big Boys, Little Boys, Cow Boys, and Tom-Boys
With Wolseley to Kumasi: A Tale of the First Ashanti War
The Wonder-Child: An Australian Story
The Young Cavalier: A Story of the Civil Wars

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