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James Bryce

(Bryce, James Bryce, Viscount, 1838-1922)

Armenia and the War: An Armenian's Point of View, With an Appeal to Britain and the Coming Peace Conference
Handbook of Home Rule: Being Articles on the Irish Question
The Holy Roman Empire
Impressions of South Africa
South America: Observations and Impressions
Studies in Contemporary Biography
William Ewart Gladstone

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"The Murderous Tyranny of the Turks"
Armenian Legends and Poems
A Beacon for the Blind: Being a Life of Henry Fawcett, the Blind Postmaster-General
History of Zionism, 1600-1918, Vol. 1 (of 2)
Promoting good citizenship
Under the Turk in Constantinople: A record of Sir John Finch's Embassy, 1674-1681
A climber in New Zealand
The treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire: Documents presented to Viscount Grey of Fallodon

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