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Harry Castlemon

(Castlemon, Harry, 1842-1915)

Frank on the Lower Mississippi

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The Boy Traders; Or, The Sportsman's Club Among the Boers
The Boy Trapper
The Buried Treasure; Or, Old Jordan's "Haunt"
The Camp in the Foot-Hills; or, Oscar on Horseback
Carl the Trailer
Don Gordon's Shooting-Box
Elam Storm, the Wolfer; Or, The Lost Nugget
The First Capture; or, Hauling Down the Flag of England
Frank Before Vicksburg: The Gun-Boat Series
Frank Nelson in the Forecastle; Or, The Sportman's Club Among the Whalers
Frank among the Rancheros
Frank at Don Carlos' Rancho
Frank in the Mountains
Frank in the Woods
Frank on a Gun-Boat
Frank on the Prairie
Frank, the Young Naturalist
George at the Fort; Or, Life Among the Soldiers
George at the Wheel; Or, Life in the Pilot-House
George in Camp; or, Life on the Plains
Go-Ahead; Or, The Fisher-Boy's Motto
Guy Harris, the Runaway
The Haunted Mine
Joe Wayring at Home; or, The Adventures of a Fly-Rod
Julian Mortimer: A Brave Boy's Struggle for Home and Fortune
The Mail Carrier
Marcy the Blockade Runner
Marcy, the Refugee
The Missing Pocket-Book; Or, Tom Mason's Luck
The Mystery of Lost River Canyon
No Moss; Or, The Career of a Rolling Stone
Oscar in Africa
Our Fellows; Or, Skirmishes with the Swamp Dragoons
A Rebellion in Dixie
The Rod and Gun Club
Rodney, the Overseer
Rodney, the Partisan
Sailor Jack, the Trader
A Sailor in Spite of Himself
Snagged and Sunk; Or, The Adventures of a Canvas Canoe
Snowed Up; or, The Sportman's Club in the Mountains
The Sportsman's Club Afloat
The Sportsman's Club in the Saddle
The Steel Horse: The Rambles of a Bicycle
A Struggle for a Fortune
Tom Newcombe; Or, the Boy of Bad Habits
True To His Colors
Two Ways of Becoming a Hunter
Winged Arrow's Medicine; Or, The Massacre at Fort Phil Kearney
The Young Game-Warden
The Young Wild-Fowlers

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