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Edward C. Caswell

The Disturbing Charm
Miss Million's Maid: A Romance of Love and Fortune
Two Little Women

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The Adventure Club Afloat
Camp Fires of the Wolf Patrol
Carolyn of the Corners
Center Rush Rowland
Double Crossed
Endurance Test; or, How Clear Grit Won the Day
False Dawn (The 'Forties)
Full-Back Foster
The Kingmakers
Left Guard Gilbert
New Year's Day (The 'Seventies)
The Old Maid (The 'Fifties)
Patty's Fortune
The Pool of Stars
Rebecca's Promise
Second Base Sloan
The Spark (The 'Sixties)
Two Little Women and Treasure House
Woodcraft; Or, How a Patrol Leader Made Good
A daughter of Jehu

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