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Lester Chadwick

Baseball Joe Around the World: or, Pitching on a Grand Tour
Baseball Joe Saving the League: or, Breaking Up a Great Conspiracy
Baseball Joe at Yale: or, Pitching for the College Championship
Baseball Joe in the Big League: or, A Young Pitcher's Hardest Struggles
Baseball Joe in the Central League: or, Making Good as a Professional Pitcher
Baseball Joe in the World Series: or, Pitching for the Championship
Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars: or, The Rivals of Riverside
Baseball Joe on the Giants: or, Making Good as a Ball Twirler in the Metropolis
Baseball Joe on the School Nine: or, Pitching for the Blue Banner
Baseball Joe, Captain of the Team: or, Bitter Struggles on the Diamond
Baseball Joe, Home Run King: or, The Greatest Pitcher and Batter on Record
Batting to Win: A Story of College Baseball
The Eight-Oared Victors: A Story of College Water Sports
For the Honor of Randall: A Story of College Athletics
A Quarter-Back's Pluck: A Story of College Football
The Rival Pitchers: A Story of College Baseball
The Winning Touchdown: A Story of College Football

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