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Allen Chapman

Bart Keene's Hunting Days: or, The Darewell Chums in a Winter Camp
Bart Stirling's Road to Success: or, The Young Express Agent
Fenn Masterson's Discovery: or, The Darewell Chums on a Cruise
Frank Roscoe's Secret: or, The Darewell Chums in the Woods
Fred Fenton on the Crew: or, The Young Oarsmen of Riverport School
Fred Fenton on the Track: or, The Athletes of Riverport School
Fred Fenton, Marathon Runner: The Great Race at Riverport School
The Heroes of the School: or, The Darewell Chums Through Thick and Thin
Ned Wilding's Disappearance: or, The Darewell Chums in the City
The Radio Boys Trailing a Voice: or, Solving a Wireless Mystery
The Radio Boys at Ocean Point: or, The Message That Saved the Ship
The Radio Boys at the Sending Station: or, Making Good in the Wireless Room
The Radio Boys' First Wireless, or, Winning the Ferberton Prize
Ralph on the Engine: or, The Young Fireman of the Limited Mail
Ralph on the Overland Express: or, The Trials and Triumphs of a Young Engineer
Tom Fairfield's Pluck and Luck: or, Working to Clear His Name

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Bound to Succeed; or, Mail Order Frank's Chances
The Radio Boys at Mountain Pass; Or, The Midnight Call for Assistance
The Radio Boys with the Forest Rangers; Or, The great fire on Spruce Mountain
The Radio Boys with the Iceberg Patrol; Or, Making safe the ocean lanes
Ralph in the Switch Tower; Or, Clearing the Track
Ralph of the Roundhouse; Or, Bound to Become a Railroad Man
Ralph on the Midnight Flyer; or, The Wreck at Shadow Valley
Ralph, the Train Dispatcher; Or, The Mystery of the Pay Car
Tom Fairfield at Sea; or, The Wreck of the Silver Star
Tom Fairfield in Camp; or, The Secret of the Old Mill
Tom Fairfield's Hunting Trip; or, Lost in the Wilderness
Tom Fairfield's Schooldays; or, The Chums of Elmwood Hall

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