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Howard Chandler Christy

(Christy, Howard Chandler, 1873-1952)

Cynthia's Chauffeur
The House of a Thousand Candles
Lady Rose's Daughter
The Lost Ambassador: or, The Search for the Missing Delora
The Maid-at-Arms
An Old Sweetheart of Mine
The Penalty
A Son of the Immortals
Wanted: A Matchmaker
The Woman Gives: A Story of Regeneration

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The Happy Average
Her Infinite Variety
Her Lord and Master
His love story
Home Again with Me
A Pasteboard Crown: A Story of the New York Stage
The Prodigal Pro Tem
The Seven Darlings
The Silver Butterfly
Tess of the Storm Country
Woven with the Ship: A Novel of 1865: Together with certain other veracious tales of various sorts
The de Bercy Affair

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