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Alfred John Church

(Church, Alfred John, 1829-1912)

Roman History (Books I-III)
The Story of the Odyssey

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Callias: A Tale of the Fall of Athens
The Count of the Saxon Shore; or The Villa in Vectis.: A Tale of the Departure of the Romans from Britain
The Faery Queen and Her Knights: Stories Retold from Edmund Spenser
The Hammer: A Story of the Maccabean Times
Henry the Fifth
The Iliad for Boys and Girls
La Ilíada
Lords of the World: A story of the fall of Carthage and Corinth
Roman life in the days of Cicero
Stories From Livy
Stories from Virgil
Stories from the Greek Tragedians
Stories of the Old World
With the King at Oxford: A Tale of the Great Rebellion
A Young Macedonian in the Army of Alexander the Great

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