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Wilkie Collins

(Collins, Wilkie, 1824-1889)

After Dark
Antonina, or, The Fall of Rome
The Black Robe
Blind Love
The Dead Alive
The Evil Genius
A Fair Penitent
The Fallen Leaves
The Frozen Deep
The Guilty River
The Haunted Hotel
Heart and Science: A Story of the Present Time
Hide and Seek
A House to Let
A House to Let (computer-generated audio)
I Say No
Ilman Menestyksettä (in Finnish)
Jezebel's Daughter
John Jagon Henki Tahi Kuollutko vai Elävä? (in Finnish)
L'Abîme (in French)
L'Hôtel Hanté (in French)
The Law and the Lady
The Legacy of Cain
Little Novels
The Lock and Key Library: The Most Interesting Stories of All Nations (Volume VIII: Modern English)
Man and Wife
Miss or Mrs.?
The Moonstone
My Lady's Money
The New Magdalen
No Name
No Thoroughfare
No Thoroughfare (audio reading)
No Thoroughfare (computer-generated audio)
Poor Miss Finch
The Queen of Hearts
A Rogue's Life
Stories By English Authors: England
Stories by English Authors: France
The Two Destinies
The Woman in White
The World's Greatest Books (Volume II: Fiction, Borrow - Dana)

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The Dead Secret: A Novel
Erään perheen tarina
Index of the Project Gutenberg Works of Wilkie Collins
Kamala yösija
My Miscellanies, Vol. 1 (of 2)
My Miscellanies, Vol. 2 (of 2)
Naisen haamu: Mysterio neljässä kertomuksessa
Rambles Beyond Railways; or, Notes in Cornwall taken A-foot
Salaperäinen nainen
Valkopukuinen nainen 1: Perheromaani
Valkopukuinen nainen 2: Perheromaani

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