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Marie Corelli

(Corelli, Marie, 1855-1924)

Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self
God's Good Man: A Simple Love Story
Innocent: Her Fancy and His Fact
The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance
The Master-Christian
The Murder of Delicia
My First Book
A Romance of Two Worlds
The Secret Power
The Sorrows of Satan: or, The Strange Experience of One Geoffrey Tempest, Millionaire
Stories by English Authors: London
Temporal Power: A Study in Supremacy
The Treasure of Heaven: A Romance of Riches
Ziska: The Problem of a Wicked Soul

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Boy: A Sketch
A Christmas greeting
The Devil's Motor: A Fantasy
Free Opinions, Freely Expressed on Certain Phases of Modern Social Life and Conduct
Love,—and the Philosopher: A Study in Sentiment
My "Little Bit"
The Silver Domino; Or, Side Whispers, Social and Literary
The Strange Visitation
The Young Diana: An Experiment of the Future
The passing of the great Queen: A tribute to the noble life of Victoria Regina
The soul of Lilith

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