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Daniel De Leon

(De Leon, Daniel, 1852-1914)

The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon

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The Abbatial Crosier; or, Bonaik and Septimine. A Tale of a Medieval Abbess
The Blacksmith's Hammer; or, The Peasant Code: A Tale of the Grand Monarch
The Branding Needle; or, The Monastery of Charolles: A Tale of the First Communal Charter
The Carlovingian Coins; Or, The Daughters of Charlemagne: A Tale of the Ninth Century
The Casque's Lark; or, Victoria, the Mother of the Camps
The Executioner's Knife; Or, Joan of Arc
The Galley Slave's Ring; or, The Family of Lebrenn: A Tale of The French Revolution of 1848
The Gold Sickle; Or, Hena, The Virgin of The Isle of Sen. A Tale of Druid Gaul
The Infant's Skull; Or, The End of the World. A Tale of the Millennium
The Iron Arrow Head or The Buckler Maiden: A Tale of the Northman Invasion
The Iron Pincers; or, Mylio and Karvel: A Tale of the Albigensian Crusades
The Iron Trevet; or, Jocelyn the Champion: A Tale of the Jacquerie
The Pilgrim's Shell; Or, Fergan the Quarryman: A Tale from the Feudal Times
The Pocket Bible; or, Christian the Printer: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century
The Poniard's Hilt; Or, Karadeucq and Ronan. A Tale of Bagauders and Vagres
The Silver Cross; Or, The Carpenter of Nazareth
The Sword of Honor; or, The Foundation of the French Republic: A Tale of The French Revolution
Woman under socialism

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