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H. C. Edwards

(Edwards, H. C. (Harry C.), 1868-1922)

Northern Diamonds

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The Bright Face of Danger: Being an Account of Some Adventures of Henri de Launay, Son of the Sieur de la Tournoire
Brothers of Peril: A Story of old Newfoundland
Cameron of Lochiel
The Colonial Cavalier; or, Southern Life before the Revolution
The Dominant Strain
The Flight of Georgiana: A Story of Love and Peril in England in 1746
The Heart of Princess Osra
The River's Children: An Idyl of the Mississippi
The Road to Paris: A Story of Adventure
The Voyage of the Arrow to the China Seas.: Its Adventures and Perils, Including Its Capture by Sea Vultures from the Countess of Warwick, as Set Down by William Gore, Chief Mate
What Happened at Quasi: The Story of a Carolina Cruise
Wilderness Honey
The Woods-Rider
The lively adventures of Gavin Hamilton

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