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Alice B. Emerson

Betty Gordon at Boarding School: or, The Treasure of Indian Chasm
Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp
Betty Gordon in Washington: or, Strange Adventures in a Great City
Betty Gordon in the Land of Oil: or, The Farm That Was Worth a Fortune
Ruth Fielding Down East: or, The Hermit of Beach Plum Point
Ruth Fielding Down in Dixie: or, Great Times in the Land of Cotton
Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound: or, A Red Cross Worker's Ocean Perils
Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies: or, The Missing Pearl Necklace
Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall: or, Solving the Campus Mystery
Ruth Fielding at College: or, The Missing Examination Papers
Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point: or, Nita, the Girl Castaway
Ruth Fielding at Silver Ranch: or, Schoolgirls Among the Cowboys
Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp: or, Lost in the Backwoods
Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm: or, What Became of the Raby Orphans
Ruth Fielding at the War Front: or, The Hunt for the Lost Soldier
Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures: or, Helping the Dormitory Fund
Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest: or, The Indian Girl Star of the Movies
Ruth Fielding in the Red Cross: or, Doing Her Best for Uncle Sam
Ruth Fielding in the Saddle: or, College Girls in the Land of Gold
Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill
Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island: or, The Old Hunter's Treasure Box
Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence: or, The Queer Old Man of the Thousand Islands

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Betty Gordon at Bramble Farm; Or, The Mystery of a Nobody
Ruth Fielding in Alaska : or, The girl miners of snow mountain

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