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Ed Emshwiller

Accidental Flight
Appointment in Tomorrow
A Bad Day for Sales
The Defenders
Do Unto Others (from If, June 1958)
Exile (from Space Science Fiction, February 1953)
Fee of the Frontier (from Amazing Stories, August 1960)
Forget Me Nearly
Irresistible Weapon (from If, July 1953)
Mezzerow Loves Company
Orphans of the Void
A Pail of Air
Quickie (from If, October 1954)
The Radio Beasts
Soldier Boy
Suite Mentale
Tangle Hold
The Unlearned
A Woman's Place (from Galaxy Science Fiction, May 1955)
The Worshippers

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Accept no substitutes
The Addicts
After Some Tomorrow
Atom Drive
The Barbarians
The Beast-Jewel of Mars
Beauty interrupted
The Berserker
Big Ancestor
The Bridge
Bunzo Farewell
Burden the hand
Captive of the Centaurianess
Car Pool
A Case of Sunburn
Category Phoenix
Charley de Milo
A Coffin for Jacob
Collector's Item
Contamination Crew
Cosmic Castaway
Cost of Living
The Day of the Boomer Dukes
The Day of the Dog
Dead Man's Planet
Deadly City
Death in Transit
Death of a mutant
The Earth Quarter
Education of a Martian
Even Stephen
Exploration Team
Far from Home
The Fire and the Sword
The First Day of Spring
Fly By Night
Game Preserve
The Girls From Earth
A Gleeb for Earth
Half Around Pluto
The Happy Herd
Helpfully Yours
Hunt the Hog of Joe
In the Cards
Juvenile Delinquent
The Laboratorians
The Last Crusade
A Little Knowledge
Lost Art
Love and Moondogs
The Luckiest Man in Denv
Man Alone
Man in a Sewing Machine
The Martian Shore
Martians Never Die
Mary Anonymous
The Moons of Mars
Morley's Weapon
The Night of Hoggy Darn
Not Snow Nor Rain
One Man's Poison
Operation Boomerang
Operation Distress
The Outer Quiet
Picture Bride
Pilgrims' project
Proof of the Pudding
Rat in the Skull
The Reluctant Weapon
Return of a Legend
The Romantic Analogue
Routine for a Hornet
The Rumble and the Roar
Sales Resistance
Sea Legs
Second landing
The Seventh Order
Shannach—The Last
She Knew He Was Coming
Shipping Clerk
Short Snorter
The Small World of M-75
The Snowball Effect
Sound of Terror
Spoken For
Syndrome Johnny
There was an old woman—
To make a hero
Today is Forever
A Toothache on Zenob
The Tunnel Under the World
Turnover Point
The Twilight Years
Until Life Do Us Part
The Valley
The Very Secret Agent
Wailing Wall
War Game
What Inhabits Me?
What Shall It Profit?
What is POSAT?
White spot
Wings of the phoenix
Woman's touch
World Without War
The angry house
The belly of Gor Jeetl
The high ones
The missionary
The oddly elusive brunette
The programmed people
The silent invaders
The towers of Titan

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