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B. L. Farjeon

(Farjeon, B. L. (Benjamin Leopold), 1833-1903)

Aaron the Jew: A Novel
At the Sign of the Silver Flagon
The Betrayal of John Fordham
Christmas Stories: Blade-o'-Grass; Golden Grain; and Bread and Cheese and Kisses
Devlin the Barber
Great Porter Square: A Mystery (Volume I)
Great Porter Square: A Mystery (Volume II)
Great Porter Square: A Mystery (Volume III)
Grif: A Story of Australian Life
The House of the White Shadows
The Last Tenant
London's Heart: A Novel
Miser Farebrother (Volume I)
Miser Farebrother (Volume II)
Miser Farebrother (Volume III)
The Nine of Hearts: A Novel
Samuel Boyd of Catchpole Square: A Mystery
A Secret Inheritance (Volume I)
A Secret Inheritance (Volume II)
A Secret Inheritance (Volume III)
Toilers of Babylon: A Novel

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Basil and Annette: A Novel
The Duchess of Rosemary Lane: A Novel
A Fair Jewess
Jessie Trim
Joshua Marvel
The Mystery of M. Felix
Self-Doomed: A Novel
Seven Xmas Eves : Being the romance of a social evolution
The Shield of Love

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