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Virgil Finlay

(Finlay, Virgil, 1914-1971)

The Big Time (1958 magazine version)
Disaster Revisited (from Amazing Stories, March 1957)
Hunters Out of Space (from Amazing Science Fiction Stories, May 1960)
The Memory of Mars
The Men in the Walls
The Night of the Long Knives
Pariah Planet
This Crowded Earth

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Advance Agent
After Ixmal
All Jackson's Children
And we sailed the mighty dark
The Beginning
Beside Still Waters
Boarding party
A Choice of Miracles
Dark Windows
Die, Shadow!
Dig me no grave
Earth needs a killer
The Great Implication
Hang head, vandal
Heist Job on Thizar
The Hermit of Mars
The Honored Prophet
Hot Planet
It Could Be Anything
Jupiter found
The King of the City
The Last Victory
Learning Theory
Lease to Doomsday
The Lonely
The Long Remembered Thunder
The Masked World
A Matter of Order
Mistake inside
The Mobius trail
The Night of the Trolls
Nor Dust Corrupt
On the Fourth Planet
Peter Merton's private mint
Pretty Quadroon
Prize ship
Project Hi-Psi
A Question of Courage
A Question of Identity
The Raider
Rattle OK
Robot nemesis
Rogue psi
The Rotifers
Saline Solution
Spacemen lost
The Star Hyacinths
The Stars, My Brothers
Stay off the Moon!
Thunder in space
Time for survival
To Save Earth
Toffee turns the trick
Touch the sky
Trajectory to Taurus
The Trans-Galactic Twins
Troubled star
The Undetected
Whistle stop in space
World Edge
Yesterday's doors
The agile Algolian
The beacon to elsewhere
The call from beyond
The dreamers
The expendables
The god on the 36th floor
The hellflower
A horse on me
The last vial
The long way back
The man who knew everything
The manless worlds
The moon that vanished
A prison make
The quest of Iranon
The road to Sinharat
The seven temporary moons
The thing on the door-step
A time to die
The world-mover

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