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Martha Finley

(Finley, Martha, 1828-1909)

Christmas With Grandma Elsie
Elsie Dinsmore
Elsie at Home
Elsie at Nantucket
Elsie at the World's Fair
Elsie's Children
Elsie's Girlhood
Elsie's Kith and Kin
Elsie's Motherhood
Elsie's New Relations: What They Did and How They Fared at Ion
Elsie's Vacation and After Events
Elsie's Womanhood
Grandmother Elsie
Holidays at Roselands
The Two Elsies

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Ella Clinton; or, By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them
Elsie Yachting with the Raymonds
Elsie and Her Loved Ones
Elsie and Her Namesakes
Elsie and the Raymonds
Elsie at Ion
Elsie at Viamede
Elsie in the South
Elsie on the Hudson
Elsie's Friends at Woodburn
Elsie's Journey on Inland Waters
Elsie's Widowhood: A Sequel to Elsie's Children
Elsie's Winter Trip
Elsie's Young Folks in Peace and War
Mildred Keith
Mildred and Elsie
Mildred at Home: With Something About Her Relatives and Friends.: A sequel to Mildred's married life.
Mildred at Roselands: A Sequel to Mildred Keith
Mildred's Married Life, and a Winter with Elsie Dinsmore: A sequel to Mildred and Elsie
Mildred's New Daughter
Signing the Contract, and What It Cost
The Thorn in the Nest
The Tragedy of Wild River Valley

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