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Dick Francis

Dead Ringer
The Impossible Voyage Home
Kreativity for Kats
Project Hush

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The Blue Tower
Charity Case
Citizen Jell
Cry Snooker
Death's Wisher
Delayed Action
East in the Morning
An Elephant for the Prinkip
Garth and the Visitor
Green Grew the Lasses
The Hated
The Holes Around Mars
The Immortals
The Impersonator
Joy Ride
The Lamps of the Angels
Life Sentence
Man of Distinction
Meeting of the Minds
Moral Equivalent
Mr. President
Not Fit for Children
Pastoral Affair
Perfect Answer
Pet Farm
Pick a Crime
Pollony Undiverted
Problem on Balak
Scent Makes a Difference
Someone to watch over me
The Spicy Sound of Success
Star Performer
Swenson, Dispatcher
Teething Ring
A Touch of E Flat
The Troublemakers
The Venus Trap
Wall of Crystal, Eye of Night
What Rough Beast?
World in a Bottle

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