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Kelly Freas

A Cold Night for Crying (from If, December 1954)
The Executioner
The Kenzie Report (from If, May 1953)
Navy Day
No Strings Attached
The Pirates of Ersatz

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"Phone Me in Central Park"
The 3rd Party
The Adventurer
The Ambassador
Amour, Amour, Dear Planet!
Beast of prey
Blessed are the meek
A Bottle of Old Wine
Breeder Reaction
The Brides of Ool
Brink of Madness
The Conjurer of Venus
Criminal Negligence
Despoilers of the Golden Empire
Disturbing Sun
Dust Unto Dust
The Ethic of the Assassin
The Fishdollar Affair
Forgotten danger
Forsyte's Retreat
Gentlemen: please note
The Golden Judge
Grandma Perkins and the Space Pirates
The Happy Clown
Happy Rain Night
The Holes and John Smith
Home is the Spaceman
I Was a Teen-Age Secret Weapon
I'll Kill You Tomorrow
Image of Splendor
Jupiter's Joke
Last Run on Venus
Lonesome Hearts
The Lost Tribes of Venus
The Luminous Blonde
Make Mine Homogenized
The Man the Tech-Men Made
Master of the Moondog
The Merchants of Venus
Miss Tweedham's Elogarsn
Off Course
On Handling the Data
Out Like a Light
Perchance to Dream
The Prison of the Stars
The Pure Observers
The Purple Pariah
The Return
Skin Game
Slow Burn
Success Story
Temptress of Planet Delight
The Test Colony
That Sweet Little Old Lady
The Ties That Bind
Time out for redheads
The Time-Techs of Kra
Two Whole Glorious Weeks
Unborn Tomorrow
The Victor
Waste Not, Want
We Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Hardly
What The Left Hand Was Doing
When the Mountain Shook
Where There's Hope
Where the Gods Decide
A Witch in Time
The great illusion
The stainless steel rat
The swamp was upside down
The untouchable adolescents

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