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Frederick James Furnivall

(Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910)

Arthur: A Short Sketch of His Life and History in English Verse of the First Half of the Fifteenth Century, Copied and Edited From the Marquis of Bath's MS.
The Book of Quinte Essence, or the Fifth Being
Caxton's Book of Curtesye, Printed at Westminster about 1477-8 A.D. and Now Reprinted, with Two Ms. Copies of the Same Treatise, from the Oriel Ms. 79, and the Balliol Ms. 354
Early English Meals and Manners
The Rogues and Vagabonds of Shakespeare's Youth: Awdeley's "Fraternitye of Vacabondes" and Harman's "Caveat"
The Wright's Chaste Wife

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Awdeley's Fraternitye of Vacabondes, Harman's Caueat, Haben's Sermon, &c.
The Babees' Book: Medieval Manners for the Young
The Babees' Book: Medieval Manners for the Young: Done into Modern English
A Letter on Shakspere's Authorship of The Two Noble Kinsmen: and on the characteristics of Shakspere's style and the secret of his supremacy

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