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H. B. Fyfe

(Fyfe, H. B. (Horace Bowne), 1918-1997)

D-99: A Science-Fiction Novel
The Envoy, Her (from Planet Stories, March 1951)
Exile (from Space Science Fiction, February 1953)
Fee of the Frontier (from Amazing Stories, August 1960)
Irresistible Weapon (from If, July 1953)
Let There Be Light (from If, November 1952)
Luna Escapade (from Orbit Science Fiction, number 2)
Manners of the Age (from Galaxy Science Fiction, March 1952)
Round-and-Round Trip (from Galaxy, December 1960)
The Talkative Tree (from Worlds of If, January 1962)
This World Must Die! (from Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories, September 1951)
The Wedge (from If, September 1960)

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Calling World-4 of Kithgol
Open Invitation
The Outbreak of Peace
Satellite System
Tolliver's Orbit
A Transmutation of Muddles
The night of no moon

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