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Randall Garrett

Pagan Passions
Suite Mentale

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...After a Few Words...
...Or Your Money Back
The Alien Dies at Dawn
The Ambassador's Pet
Anything You Can Do ...
Anything You Can Do!
The Asses of Balaam
Belly Laugh
The Best of Fences
Beyond our control
Bleekman's Planet
Brain Twister
The Bramble Bush
Burden the hand
But, I Don't Think
By Proxy
Cum Grano Salis
Damned If You Don't
Dead Giveaway
Deadly decoy
Despoilers of the Golden Empire
The Destroyers
The Eyes Have It
Fifty Per Cent Prophet
The Foreign Hand Tie
Gentlemen: please note
Guardians of the Tower
Hail to the Chief
Hanging by a Thread
Heist Job on Thizar
Hero From Yesterday
The Highest Treason
His Master's Voice
House Operator
The Impossibles
In Case of Fire
The Incomplete Theft
The Inquisitor
Instant of Decision
The Judas Valley
Kill Me if You Can!
The Man Who Hated Mars
The Mannion Court-Martial
The Measure of a Man
Menace From Vega
Nor Iron Bars a Cage....
Occasion ... for Disaster
Out Like a Light
The Penal Cluster
Prisoner of War
Respectfully mine
Satellite of Death
Six Frightened Men
Skid Row Pilot
Slaughter on Dornell IV
A Spaceship Named McGuire
Spatial Delivery
Stroke of Genius
That Sweet Little Old Lady
Thin Edge
Through time and space with Benedict Breadfruit
Time Fuze
The Time Snatcher
To make a hero
The Unnecessary Man
Unwise Child
What The Left Hand Was Doing
With No Strings Attached
A World by the Tale

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