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George Gibbs

(Gibbs, George, 1870-1942)

Latitude 19°: A Romance of the West Indies in the Year of Our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Twenty
South American Fights and Fighters, and Other Tales of Adventure

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The Ball of Fire
Decatur and Somers
The Eye of Dread
The Forbidden Way
The Golden Bough
In Search of Mademoiselle
Index of the Project Gutenberg Works of George Gibbs
Jack Ballington, Forester
A Little Union Scout
The Love of Monsieur
The Maker of Opportunities
Paradise Garden: The Satirical Narrative of a Great Experiment
Pike & Cutlass: Hero Tales of Our Navy
The Secret Witness
The Silent Battle
The Splendid Outcast
The Vagrant Duke
When She Came Home from College
The White Mice
The Yellow Dove

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