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John Henry Goldfrap

(Goldfrap, John Henry, 1879-1917)

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The Border Boys Along the St. Lawrence
The Border Boys in the Canadian Rockies
The Border Boys on the Trail
The Border Boys with the Mexican Rangers
The Border Boys with the Texas Rangers
The Boy Aviators in Nicaragua; or, In League with the Insurgents
The Boy Aviators in Record Flight; Or, The Rival Aeroplane
The Boy Aviators on Secret Service; Or, Working with Wireless
The Boy Aviators with the Air Raiders: A Story of the Great World War
The Boy Aviators' Flight for a Fortune
The Boy Scouts Under Fire in Mexico
The Boy Scouts and the Army Airship
The Boy Scouts at the Canadian Border
The Boy Scouts at the Panama Canal
The Boy Scouts at the Panama-Pacific Exposition
The Boy Scouts for Uncle Sam
The Boy Scouts on Belgian Battlefields
The Boy Scouts on the Range
The Boy Scouts' Mountain Camp
The Boy Scouts' badge of courage
The Bungalow Boys Along the Yukon
The Bungalow Boys North of Fifty-Three
The Bungalow Boys in the Great Northwest
The Bungalow Boys on the Great Lakes
The Dreadnought Boys Aboard a Destroyer
The Dreadnought Boys in Home Waters
The Dreadnought Boys on Aero Service
The Dreadnought Boys on Battle Practice
The Dreadnought Boys on a Submarine
The Dreadnought Boys' World Cruise
The Motor Rangers Through the Sierras
The Motor Rangers on Blue Water; or, The Secret of the Derelict
The Motor Rangers' Cloud Cruiser
The Motor Rangers' Wireless Station
The Ocean Wireless Boys and the Lost Liner
The Ocean Wireless Boys and the Naval Code
The Ocean Wireless Boys on War Swept Seas
The Ocean Wireless Boys on the Atlantic
The Ocean Wireless Boys on the Pacific
The ocean wireless boys of the iceberg patrol

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