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Maksim Gorky

(Gorky, Maksim, 1868-1936)

Best Russian Short Stories
The Borzoi 1920: Being a Sort of Record of Five Years' Publishing
Creatures That Once Were Men
Creatures That Once Were Men (alternate version)
The Man Who Was Afraid (Foma Gordyeeff)
Reminiscences of Anton Chekhov
The Shield
Through Russia
Twenty-Six and One, and Other Stories

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The Confession: A Novel
In the World
Kertomuksia I
Kertomuksia II
Kolme kertomusta
Kolme ystävystä I
Kolme ystävystä II
Kulkuri: Kertomuksia
The Lower Depths: A Drama in Four Acts
A Mãe
Malva: Kertomus
Orlóff and His Wife: Tales of the Barefoot Brigade
The Orloff Couple, and Malva
Orlowit: mies ja vaimo
The Outcasts, and Other Stories
Pohjalla: Kuvaelmia, neljä näytöstä
Reminiscences of Leo Nicolayevitch Tolstoi
The Spy: The Story of a Superfluous Man
Tales from Gorky
Tales of Two Countries
Three Men: A Novel
Tunnustus: Novelli

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