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John Goss

(Goss, John, 1886-1963)

Blue Bonnet in Boston: or, Boarding-School Days at Miss North's
Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party
Dave Porter and His Rivals: or, The Chums and Foes of Oak Hall
In Wild Rose Time
Rick and Ruddy: The Story of a Boy and His Dog
The Story of the Red Cross As Told to the Little Colonel
A Texas Blue Bonnet

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Camp Fire Girls in War and Peace
Captain Pott's Minister
Dawson Black: Retail Merchant
Francisco, Our Little Argentine Cousin
The Girls of Friendly Terrace; or, Peggy Raymond's Success
Girls of the Morning-Glory Camp Fire
Mary Ware's Promised Land
Our Little Boer Cousin
Our Little Hungarian Cousin
Rayton: A Backwoods Mystery
The Red Fox's Son: A Romance of Bharbazonia
Rodney, the Ranger, with Daniel Morgan on Trail and Battlefield
The Triumph of Virginia Dale

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