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Marietta Holley

(Holley, Marietta, 1836-1926)

Around the World With Josiah Allen's Wife
Poems, by "Josiah Allen's Wife"
Samantha Among the Brethren
Samantha Among the Brethren (Chapters IV-VI)
Samantha Among the Brethren (Chapters VII-XII)
Samantha Among the Brethren (Chapters XIII-XVII)
Samantha Among the Brethren (Chapters XVIII-XXII)
Samantha Among the Brethren (Chapters XXIII-XXV)
Samantha Among the Brethren (Chapters XXVI-XXVII, and Publisher's Appendix)
Samantha Among the Brethren (Preface, and Chapters I-III)
Samantha at Coney Island, and a Thousand Other Islands
Samantha at Saratoga
Samantha at the St. Louis Expedition
Samantha at the World's Fair
Samantha on the Woman Question
Sweet Cicely: or, Josiah Allen As a Politician

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Betsey Bobbett: A Drama
Josiah Allen on the Woman Question
Josiah Allen's Wife as a P. A. and P. I.: Samantha at the Centennial.: Designed As a Bright and Shining Light, to Pierce the Fogs of Error and Injustice That Surround Society and Josiah, and to Bring More Clearly to View the Path That Leads Straight on to Virtue and Happiness.
Josiah's Alarm, and Abel Perry's Funeral
Josiah's Secret: A Play
The Lament of the Mormon Wife: A Poem
My Opinions and Betsey Bobbet's: Designed as a Beacon Light to Guide Women to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, But Which May Be Read by Members of the Sterner Sect, without Injury to Themselves or the Book
My Wayward Pardner; or, My Trials with Josiah, America, the Widow Bump, and Etcetery
Samantha Among the Colored Folks: "My Ideas on the Race Problem"
Samantha in Europe
Samantha on Children's Rights
Samantha on the Race Problem

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