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George Jacob Holyoake

(Holyoake, George Jacob, 1817-1906)

Bygones Worth Remembering (Volume I)
Bygones Worth Remembering (Volume II)
Isola, or, The Disinherited: A Revolt for Woman and All the Disinherited

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English Secularism: A Confession of Belief
The History of the Last Trial by Jury for Atheism in England: A Fragment of Autobiography Submitted for the Perusal of Her Majesty's Attorney-General and the British Clergy
Index of the Project Gutenberg Works of George Jacob Holyoake
Life and Character of Richard Carlile
The Limits of Atheism; Or, Why Should Sceptics Be Outlaws?
A Logic of Facts; Or, Every-day Reasoning
The Principles of Secularism

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