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Archer Butler Hulbert

(Hulbert, Archer Butler, 1873-1933)

The Paths of Inland Commerce: A Chronicle of Trail, Road, and Waterway

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Boone's Wilderness Road
Braddock's Road and Three Relative Papers
Colonel Washington
The Cumberland Road
The Future of Road-making in America
The Great American Canals (Volume 2, The Erie Canal)
Military Roads of the Mississippi Basin
The Niagara River
The Old Glade (Forbes's) Road (Pennsylvania State Road)
Paths of the Mound-Building Indians and Great Game Animals
Pilots of the Republic: The Romance of the Pioneer Promoter in the Middle West
Pioneer Roads and Experiences of Travelers (Volume 1)
Pioneer Roads and Experiences of Travelers (Volume 2)
Portage Paths: The Keys of the Continent
Washington's Road (Nemacolin's path) the First Chapter of the Old French War
Waterways of Westward Expansion - The Ohio River and its Tributaries

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